It wasn’t just because we were glad to be out on the town with each other during daylight hours without our kids, the samplings were good. Some really good.

"Art is the place where we give importance to our imagination and acknowledge it as a viable and underestimated source of governance."

So for all you music fans out there, we’ve consolidated a list of free (and nearly free) outdoor shows and street festivals. That’s your cue to get off your couch and go have some fun!

Western North Carolina's YMI Cultural Center is proud to announce the return of the 34th annual Goombay Festival on September 12th – 14th, 2014. And it's FREE!

Today, this post, is not only to free you of feeling like whatever you see online is the whole truth. But, even more so, to free myself of the expectation that I always have my shit together.

Oscar Wong, owner of Highland Brewing Company, gave us some insight to how he started, how he has maintained success, and what his hopes are for the future.

Come sample cookbook recipes and enjoy a panel discussion on gardening, sustainability, cooking and more...

Here at Team WSAVL Call Me we came up with some extra categories we think should have made the cut.

I'll show you how to take a simple thrift store dress and style it two different ways!

Most kids shows are fine shows with fine messages. They are tolerable in small doses, but...

We have all passed by the Edge Gallery on the corner of College and Lexington downtown, but how many of us actually know what it's all about?

This is a repost of something I wrote to amuse my friends on Facebook a while back. I think it's a good time for me to reiterate all of these points...

Songs such as “The Mound” and “Gvgeyu” are significant in their use of the Cherokee language.

This Saturday, I had the good fortune to attend the final day of Transfigurations II. Taking place on Blannahassett Island in downtown Marshall, the festival had the feel of attending a day at a very cool summer camp...

Just as different bars attract different people, a jukebox’s music selection either reinforces the desired clientele or drives it away. Where are the best jukeboxes on the Asheville scene? Where are the worst?

Doug Riley, Head Brewer for Asheville Brewing Co, talks about the September 4th launch of their new beer created for United Way, some of his favorite brews, and more.

A couple of modern-day pioneers with the help of an Asheville architecture firm spread their philosophy and vision to a new home in Riceville.

David Chatt, takes his time. Chatt’s medium has to do with beads and thread. And when you first hear about it, you immediately think of arts and crafts. But it’s so much more than that.

Brother Wolf is at capacity and needs help from Asheville animal lovers! They are waiving adoption fees on cats and kittens all Labor Day Weekend.

Asheville's music scene and culture is a huge draw to our economy and The Orange Peel has been a big part of that.

Asheville Grit had a small gathering Tuesday night as a thank you to all of our talented bloggers and loyal supporters. We ate, we drank, we celebrated. And it was a lot of fun.

From the progressive nature of Asheville, to the raw natural beauty we're surrounded by--we're happy to call this place home.

Being a stay at home dad is zip lines and glitter glue, pink scooters and afternoon beers.

These gluten-free AND dairy-free cookies will satisfy every sweet tooth.

Get to know more about Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars...

Asheville’s newest riverfront concert and event space, the Salvage Station, will host a free all-day celebration...

Even if you haven’t heard of Mary Rich, you’ve probably seen her. At five eleven, her strong yet feminine physique is striking and her ease with other people draws you in.

Asheville's hottest weekly concert, The Tuesday Night Funk Jam at The Asheville Music Hall, is live on every Tuesday Night around 11pm.

A late-summer music festival in Asheville. Big-name talent over three days and three venues. All put together by two guys with a cool West Asheville record store.

What a freakin’ treat this woman is! Like her beautiful handmade jewelry, she’s super sweet with an edge, a bad-ass with a heart of gold.

Browned butter gives these moist and dense brownies a real depth. Your friends will wonder what you put in them to make them taste so good.

As a twenty-something who has received over a dozen wedding invitations this summer, I’m starting to wonder if people these days even go on first dates...

This Saturday the 16th, their doors open at noon, but the festivities are between 5 and 8pm. Kelly, Chett and myself {the other Mod Squad} will no doubt be crashing it.

Basically, say what you will, Mallmann is a bad-ass. Not because he can cook, lots of people can claim that title, but because he took his stuffy French training and tossed it in the fires he now cooks with. Who doesn't love a non-conformist?

Ever wonder what goes into making a book or journal? Me neither, until I met sweet-as-honey Sara Brooks.

Sarah Giavedoni and Jim MacKenzie do good, have fun, and blog about it. “I value the fact that one project feeds into another and that the ideas keep coming,”

Downtown After 5, presented by Harmony Motors, returns Friday, August 15 with soul music from The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker and Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics.

Steven Goff, Owner and Chef of King James Public House on Charlotte Street delves into this past time and sheds some light on why he does what he does...

With DIG making it's return the weekend of August 22-23 after a brief hiatus, I asked the festival's founder, Justin Ferraby, a few questions about himself, his many hats, and what we can expect from the event this year.

Here is a selection of just a few of the most popular and adventurous general or historical tours of Asheville. Don’t forget to bring a tip for your tour guide, and enjoy!

There's a lot of talk around town about the future of Moogfest. After taking a financial hit for the 2014 edition, Moogfest organizers are going back to the drawing board. I think that I can help, in five easy steps...

We did something a little different for this session– we took a small road trip out of Asheville and went to Frog Level Brewing in Waynesville, North Carolina. Out on the back porch in the sunshine by the river, we recorded a band called Soldier’s Heart.

LEAF presents the 4th annual Benefit of Culture event, this year with an evening full o' pirate themed music, food, drinks, and more. Proceeds will go to benefit six youth arts education programs from around the world.

Before we left, I Googled the state for a few hours, and we watched Lilo & Stitch. I felt confident I had a solid foundation for my journey after years of Elvis movies and those travel episodes of Brady Bunch and The Jeffersons.

Call it Sugar Alley. Or maybe Dessert Row. But there's a sweet synergy happening on a stretch of Haywood Road that includes small businesses making cider, cakes, doughnuts and ice cream.

A few short months ago, Briar DeHaven knew neither hide nor hair of Stu Helm, the illustrious Facebook food critic. Now, they are total buds and fellow Asheville Grit contributors.

Rough patches are unique to their owner but also surprisingly universal. However, Asheville has a way of embracing those particular rough patches and painting them with a shade of acceptance and gusto that can only make you want to do one thing; stay.

Sure, I’m super proud of myself when I trail hike in miles with just the things on my back. But I can also get down with drinking a cold beer and lounging around...

Ben Wiggins has a cool idea. Let’s all dress up like zombies, float down the French Broad River, a waterway that needs our love and attention, and set a world record while doing it.

Moon Hooch brought their saxes and their sustainable organic brand of EDM to New Mountain. And they blew everyone away.

Here's a little blast from the past. IamAVL filmed Roosevelt Collier's Super Jam at the Grey Eagle last year.

I was so thrilled to be able to chat with local Appalachian folk artist, Gabriel Shaffer...

Dust off your lederhosen, dirndls and chicken-dancing shoes! Asheville's favorite Bavarian-themed street party returns to the South Slope on Saturday, October 11.

I've put together a collection of my ten favorite breakfasts, mostly under $10.00, that you can find around town.

Part studio session, part live performance...the Echo Sessions are intended to capture the magic of the live performance from the comfort of the studio setting.

Pork lovers, prepare yourselves. Tickets are now on sale for 105.9 the Mountain's 2nd Annual BaconFest happening on Saturday, August 30th in the outdoor meadow at Highland Brewing.

Take a tour of some mid-century homes in Asheville by architect Lawrence J Traber that "...speaks of modern architecture while retaining that nostalgic sense of home."

And isn’t this, after all, the function of the best art—not to give us answers, but to provoke contemplation, to spur us to ask complex and important questions, and to help us learn to listen to one another?

When you're buried in green beans, why wait until the holidays for your favorite dish? Green bean casserole was, and still remains, a favorite Thanksgiving memory...It was dirty. And perfect.

Bele Chere is like the "something people love to hate in Asheville" of Asheville events. You either loved it or hated it with a passion. Here are 30 things you might not even know you were gonna miss about it.

This weekend Asheville embraces The Funk with shows from Earphunk and Lettuce with back to back shows at New Mountain in downtown Asheville.

Click through the band links in this article. Give them a listen, buy an album, buy two albums. One for you and one for your cousin who only listens to shit music.

Lucius, of Brooklyn, and Her Marigold, from Asheville, played a sold out show this past Saturday at The Mothlight. (Photos + Video)

Let's take a minute to clear up some key differences in the most popular techniques right now so that you might have an easier time deciphering the madness of hair color.

This beer originated in Central Germany hundreds of years ago where this light beer was brewed with slightly salty water. This style is perfect for the hot summer months...

If I was driving one of those giant homicidal wrecking machines around, other people would get killed 'n' shit. I don't wanna be killing people!

Some of the non-readers are going to freak right out over female Thor and black Cap (there’s also a new Iron Man coming).

The next party thrown by the Asheville Affiliates is Stir Crazy, happening Thursday, July 24 from 6-9 p.m., at The Boathouse...

So, what are the things we want to be remembered for? What is the ripple we want to start in our universe?

Ever scrub a smashed raw egg off a beautifully aged wooden floor at three o'clock in the morning?

Critics of the local food movement have always painted it as an all-or-nothing deal: To be a locavore, you have to shun bananas, pineapples, and the list of tasty tropicals goes on. Of course, that isn’t true.

Singer/Songwriter Jaime Lauren Webb lends us her voice and her harp in this installment of Asheville Sessions.

North Carolina native Seth Walker, who now calls NOLA his home, returned to the Tar Heel State in June, treating the crowd at Asheville's Grey Eagle...

During the late summer months our heads are in the office, but our hearts are still floating around the concerts that kicked off the season.

It has happened to the best of us. We want to make a color change, we feel excited about what we plan on doing, and we then leave the fate of our hair in the seemingly capable hands of a professional...

It can be tough enough drawing a big crowd on any Monday, and this proved to be the case on July 7th as the Felice Brothers played to an Orange Peel floor that was, maybe, only a third full.

I asked Asheville producer, promoter, and publictist Kelly Denson about what inspires her, the upcoming WNC Battle of the Burger, and what's next.

Matt creates modern jewelry that merges his graphic design and furniture making backgrounds, with his interest in mid 20th century design.

PHOTO GALLERY >> Charlotte hip-hop collective Forever FC joined local favorites RBTS WIN at The Mothlight on June 20, 2014.

David Forbes of The Asheville Blade talks about the attempt to organize the Mountain Xpress and why Asheville may need more unions.

The Bend and Brew yoga series from the Travelling Yogini offers weekly beginner-level classes at some of the city’s best breweries.

From its unique physical structure to its unusual menu, the Smoky Park Supper Club promises to be an iconic Asheville restaurant.

I’ve learned from the locals that when bombs go off in Beirut you do one of three things: Start drinking heavily (even MORE heavily than usual). Get the hell out of town. Both.

Just a few years ago Asheville’s nightlife and dance scene was little more than a few clubs and a feeling of desperation. But lately, the seemingly-endless number of incipient bars and clubs have launched the platform for a thriving DJ arena.

Every theatre in town that has developed since the mid-‘70s has some relationship, even if just an indirect one, to Hazel Robinson and her Montford Park Players.

What do you do when your son is obsessed with drawing genitalia and your daughter is panicking because she's not married yet? At the age of 5?

I went to my very first yoga class which, I know living in Asheville for years seems like a weird "first" to be having. But whatever. Here were my thoughts before, during, and after.

I reported this Tuesday along with about 50 other folks in my county. Unlike everyone else, I wore a tie. I suspect this is why I was kicked off a jury.

Chef Elliot Moss talks about why he decided to open a barbecue restaurant in Asheville, after everything else he's done here.

Though well built, cool and efficient, the challenge still remains the cost for modular and kit homes here in Asheville.

The diversity and complexity of the food in our small town is special, and I want to help showcase our talent. We have worked hard to be where we are.

You can get a pretty good sense about a person by finding out where they fall on the camping spectrum.

The Black Jacket Symphony, a group that recreates classic albums live, showed up at The Orange Peel to play Pink Floyd's seminal album, Dark Side of the Moon. How'd they do?

I’ve never had a driver take a selfie while exiting the freeway at top speed before and I think for a moment how sad it would be if the word “selfie” was the last thing I heard.

Find your free 4th of July fun in Downtown Asheville at the Ingles Independence Day Celebration with fireworks, live music and kid's activities.

Modern artist Mark Bettis brushes out other top local artists to win top spot for this year's WNCAP Auction with his abstract painting "Radiance".

I love tank tops, flip flops, laying in the sun at the pool (eating my grilled cheese and FF), paddle boarding at the lake, playing corn hole in the backyard with friends, outdoor music...

Mark Capon, co-owner of Harvest Records, opens up about Harvest's approach to business and why doing what you want in life outweighs financial gain.

The arrival of summer brought with it the arrival of two of Australia's finest musicians to the Orange Peel for an evening of high energy, immense talent, and infectious spiritual consciousness.

I've watched Sammy put this publication together from its inception, and I can't be more impressed by his entrepreneurial spirit and his love of the Asheville community. I plan to do whatever I can to help the new Asheville Pocket Guide be successful.

When I hear people in Asheville say things like "yeah, Asheville's cool and all, but where is the culture?" I bring up events like the Asheville Percussion Festival that happened June 20-22.

The 2014 White Party, sponsored by Blue Ridge Pride, is this Friday at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Asheville. Proceeds benefit Loving Food Resources and the host organization, Blue Ridge Pride.

Whenever I’m about to set out on an exotic trip somewhere, I frequently get comments like: “How can you afford to travel so much?”

We caught up with them during their first time in Asheville when they were performing at The Grey Eagle in the River Arts District.

We ate, we sweated, we drank, we ate, we sweated, drank some more, and then we even learned a few things.

Do one little thing every day to infuse the bare room of your being with creation until a wild arena explodes in your sweet heart.

Three Asheville women with extensive community connections and experience planning and executing festvials are teaming up to create what they hope will be a new signature event for Asheville.

“First of all”, she tells me, “Australians invented the expression: “Don’t beat around the bush….cuz…you know…going around the 'Bush' in Australia means thousands of miles.” Makes sense.

Turner was able to clearly see that Asheville citizens were driven to make changes, but getting lost in the process of how to make those changes.

Asheville's 8th annual ABSfest was a sexy event, to say the least. "Over 2000 people have reveled in the company of our suede, satin, and sparkle, our chicken feathered starlets and our fish-eyed zombie boys."

Once the clouds broke, it was time for a celebratory grill fire. And once the coals are hot and the meat has been adequately seared and infused with smoke, why not add the salad too?

My good friends, architect Brandon Pass and his wife Libby, are two of my favorite people to sit and discuss regional craft and design with over beer and wine. Not only are they both talented - they are just good people who are both passionate about their individual craft.

Downtown's free summer concert series is back Friday, June 20 with Drivin' N Cryin' and American Aquarium.

As I grind the beans for my morning elixir and feed my pups, I make a mental note of the meal I want to serve in the evening.

In case you missed it, GeekOut is Western North Carolina's annual popular arts convention and happened the weekend of June 6-8. It is a celebration of film, art, costuming, comics, and animation...

The Blue House in Five Points is up for the George Matsumoto Prize from North Carolina Modernist Houses.

It's easy to complain. It can be even easier to just not be an ass. Here are 20 tip so you can try and avoid being one.

"Where else, for example, will you hear a Cantiga from the 13th century court of Alfonso X of Spain followed by a pop song written in 1983 by a teenager in Bretagne, France?"

The Obamas are moving here?! Possible whiskey shortage?! I can be in the next Galifianakis movie?!

Katuah Market will be hosting a Braai on June 21 from 2pm-5pm. A Braai is a South African BBQ tradition that grew into its own holiday...

This weekend is the River Arts District Studio Stroll in West Asheville, where over 170 artists open up their studios to the masses for two days of not only the perfect opportunities to support and buy local art, but also experience creative processes first hand.

Artist George Peterson seems to have skated his way into Asheville and taken over Biltmore Ave one venue at a time. I stopped in to attend his opening at Blue Spiral 1 this month to give him my support.

I think there’s a dizziness that can happen when life gets busy. A trickery in the monotonous. The luxury of self-exploration is allotted to those who seek it, but, also those who have time for it. Which, many of us don’t.

We train The Deputy to help with chores or build skills by offering a toy. We’ve done this since he was a toddler. Potty training earned him a car from a Matchbox set.

Have you all been to All Souls Pizza? Man, those folks can make some good pies!! These are the same folks who bring you Farm and Sparrow bread. In this voter's opinion, it's the best bread in town.

Some of the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina's favorite Summer destinations and activities in and around Asheville, NC. Plus, how to get there!

In this next installment of Asheville Sessions, we bring to you a unique collective of young men that are from New York.

As a kid, I remember waiting for my dad to get home from work every afternoon. This was back when people used to get home from work at 5:30 like clockwork.

WordPress is a lot like craft beer. Bear with me on this thought...Asheville is well known for our knowledge of and affinity for craft beer. Now, Asheville has been given a chance to learn much more about WordPress.

The other night I did something that I rarely do...I went out after nine. Go ahead and make fun of me all you hipsters, but I am old, I could break a hip!

A three-day music festival in August will help mark the record West Asheville record store mark its milestone.

If you can beat the birds to them, serviceberries are a handsome match for all things pastry...

You can buy $12 of cat treats with your reward for a day’s inefficient jury service.

On June 5 at The Orange Peel, Barakissa Coulibaly will be premiering her solo dance piece "Without A Shadow".

My first year of gardening was a bust. I had a 30% success rate with direct sowing (sticking the seed in the ground).

Orgone and The Horse You Rode In On opened this year's RiverLink RiverMUSIC festival, to a record turnout...

If, like me, you spent your entire winter and spring inside and stationary, you are, also like me, resembling a Shmoo.

My mother is a strong, lighthearted woman. She is often mischievous and likes to not take life too seriously. Although, she can worry about her children something fierce, she never dwells too long on the negative.

Every Tuesday for the past 15 years I have had a standing date with my girl Katie. She is the best kind of friend...

In a town where beer reigns supreme, those who prefer wine can end up with parched wallets when going out.

It's a bold move for a band to line the front of the stage with four guitarists, but what do you expect from a band named Diarrhea Planet?

It’s the third annual Asheville Beer Week, a weeklong celebration of all things beer, and the Fonta Flora guys have brought 10 of their brews to town for the first time.

People always ask me, "Where did you go to school for this?", or "How did you become a mixologist?"

Mostly, I'm not a shy person. I'm boisterous and full of life and well, loud. But certain social situations tug at the shy part of me.

Want to step out of your music comfort zone? Explore the wide range of talent that Asheville has to offer...

Over the past couple of months, I've heard consistent chatter that something is going on with Ingles...

Last evening, Asheville Grit went live and had its launch party on the rooftop deck of downtown Asheville's Social Lounge, and it truly could not have been a lovelier night.

As someone who cooks on a regular basis, I always used to find myself going through my pantry to grab for just the right spice, only to realize it is the only one I don’t have!

Zansa is led by 33rd generation West African musician Adama Dembele, a native of Ivory Coast, whose family lineage is recognized internationally as “Djembeso” or House of the Djembe.

Two of Asheville's most well-known restauranteurs are teaming up for a new venture on the South Slope.

As rad as Asheville is, no place is perfect. Here’s a list of some of the things that make me shed a tear for my beloved city

Asheville based artist, Darlene Hatchett is known for her art created from recycled jeans.

Just because it was a Wednesday night doesn’t mean The Quiet Life took it easy.

I went to school for Art History and dreamed of become a curator. I've also dreamt of being Anna Wintour, but that's for another post...

The Asheville Downtown Association today announced the lineup for the 26th season of Downtown After 5, presented by Harmony Motors.

An interview with Casey McKissick of Foothills Farm & Butchery
 by Maggie Cramer, Farmer and Chef South Contributor.

Top 10 list of the panel’s best moments

The wind across my skin cools me as I pedal faster on my huffy. I’m in a race against my friends to the turn at the back-alley where we park our bikes before counting our change.

On the weekend of May 17 and 18, I worked a table at the inaugural SC Comicon in Greenville, touted as “the first large-scale, family friendly comic book and gaming convention to the area.”

Happy Wednesday y’all! I’m thinking it is right about time for me to send out a little appreciation for the good things in my world! Which brings me to another edition of “This is the Good Life.”

Join the porch gardening fraternity of Alpha Falpha with this blogger and try your best to keep your plants alive.

Beauty was originally considered a gift from the gods and it brought power and influence for those that looked more attractive.

South Asheville is one of the most quickly emerging parts of town. Downtown and West Asheville are marvelous...

Whatever you are, Asheville is happy to have you! Take our quiz and find out what kind of Ashevillian you are today, and share the results with your friends!

These days, it's hard to meet anyone outside of our fair city who hasn't at least heard of or (more likely) visited Asheville.

One of the best aspects of being a stay at home dad, is that there’s plenty of time to have really deep conversations with my children

Two and a half minute timelapse video of Downtown After Five, May 16, 2014. Every second of video is approximately 6 minutes of real time. Music by St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

This is a style that many craft brewers overlook when designing beers. A simple beer as far as recipes are considered with generally with one malt and one hop (Saaz) with a lager yeast

As Stereospread, we have been working to consolidate a listenership for synthpop and electropop in the Asheville area.

Indie rock fans might be familiar with Grouplove's hit single "Tongue Tied" from the cleverly titled debut album Never Trust a Happy Song.

A three-day music festival in August will help mark the record West Asheville record store mark its milestone.

In past years, Adorn has had the opportunity to help Dogwood Alliance in their efforts to preserve our forests by involving our proactive clients

Happy Friday, friends! I’m back in flannel and warm slippers today, but am still able to write this outdoors, from our porch

Summertime in Asheville is a wonderland for most of us. Local beers flow from the taps, feet and paws alike run through the river banks, and our forests fill up with happy hikers seeking a quiet moment with nature and a starry sky.

Asheville Chef William Dissen of The Marketplace Restaurant will host the James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef Tour in September.

Yeah, let's have a little fun...Spring has sprung, the earth is warming and it's time to get outside, you lazy bones! Here in Asheville, we are surrounded by a million and a half acres of National Forest, wild waterfalls and streams, furry, feathery, scaly and slimy wildlife- including homo sapiens - and some of the greatest places and people you'll ever see.