Today why not spend your lunch break enjoying local food trucks, music, and giving back to the community with the Downtown Welcome Table?

A great place to people watch and enjoy a delicious meatless meal in the heart of downtown Asheville.

We ate the first round roasted, straight-up. Then after gathering more, it was time to come up with a recipe.

Have you ever been to Medea’s in South Asheville? It is a cozy little cafe-style juice bar located off of Long Shoals Road. If not, you should definitively try incorporating it in your “Meatless Monday.” Medea’s is great for so many reasons.

Have you heard of Elements Real Food on Liberty Avenue? They specialize in cold pressed juice, smoothies, superfood nut milks, raw vegan food and desserts. It is one of the freshest vegan spots in Asheville.

Upon learning of her stark cancer diagnosis, Mela restaurant regular Laurie Joens approached owner Anoop Krishnan with a request to host a benefit in the endless effort to raise money for medical expenses related to her ongoing cancer treatment.

Meatless Monday can be chic and ethical if you have reservations at Plant. Plant was recently named by PETA as one of the best vegan restaurants, and it has received similar accolades from Men’s Journal and Lusty Vegan...I literally jumped for joy when Plant invited my family out for dinner.

April 30 is the 13th annual Dining Out For Life where by eating out at participating area restaurants you help raise funds for the Western North Carolina AIDS Project

Chef Mark Rosenstein is widely seen as sort of one of the pioneers of the farm-to-table movement in Western North Carolina and is at his best when he is creating and cooking, with fire. We find out what he's up to now and even get him to share one of his delicious recipes.

You would think Stu Helm the Food Critic would sit down with Mike to just talk about food, food, and more food. But this time, he is asking one of Asheville's most renowned Chefs about the family friendly nature of his restaurant.

I caught up with Dano Holcomb, Chef & Co-Owner of the Root Down Food Cart, at the Wedge Brewery where he parks his truck every Wednesday night to ask him a few questions. He also let me inside the truck! Yeah, Man.

I was asked to contribute my thoughts about how Farmer & Chef Asheville is different from other cookbooks and was thrilled...

I'm doing a new thing for Grit in which I'll be conducting very short, 5-question interviews with chefs, servers, owners, staff, and patrons of local restaurants. I start off with Russ Keith of the Grey Eagle Taqueria...

A super easy, just-throw-ingredients-in-your-slow-cooker recipe featuring my favorite fall ingredient: acorn squash.

The Modern Asheville team was invited to get a sneak peek of Twisted Laurel last night during their soft opening.

“It just felt right,” Goff recalls, “bold, aggressive, blunt, and vulgar! Just like a punk rock show...just like me.” In no time at all he was in love with the kitchen.

This is what you should make if you're swimming in basil like we are. Satisfying vegan fare, it's easy enough to whip up on a weeknight.

It wasn’t just because we were glad to be out on the town with each other during daylight hours without our kids, the samplings were good. Some really good.

Come sample cookbook recipes and enjoy a panel discussion on gardening, sustainability, cooking and more...

These gluten-free AND dairy-free cookies will satisfy every sweet tooth.

Basically, say what you will, Mallmann is a bad-ass. Not because he can cook, lots of people can claim that title, but because he took his stuffy French training and tossed it in the fires he now cooks with. Who doesn't love a non-conformist?

Steven Goff, Owner and Chef of King James Public House on Charlotte Street delves into this past time and sheds some light on why he does what he does...

Call it Sugar Alley. Or maybe Dessert Row. But there's a sweet synergy happening on a stretch of Haywood Road that includes small businesses making cider, cakes, doughnuts and ice cream.

I've put together a collection of my ten favorite breakfasts, mostly under $10.00, that you can find around town.

This weekend Asheville embraces The Funk with shows from Earphunk and Lettuce with back to back shows at New Mountain in downtown Asheville.

The next party thrown by the Asheville Affiliates is Stir Crazy, happening Thursday, July 24 from 6-9 p.m., at The Boathouse...

Critics of the local food movement have always painted it as an all-or-nothing deal: To be a locavore, you have to shun bananas, pineapples, and the list of tasty tropicals goes on. Of course, that isn’t true.

I asked Asheville producer, promoter, and publictist Kelly Denson about what inspires her, the upcoming WNC Battle of the Burger, and what's next.

From its unique physical structure to its unusual menu, the Smoky Park Supper Club promises to be an iconic Asheville restaurant.

Chef Elliot Moss talks about why he decided to open a barbecue restaurant in Asheville, after everything else he's done here.

The diversity and complexity of the food in our small town is special, and I want to help showcase our talent. We have worked hard to be where we are.

I love tank tops, flip flops, laying in the sun at the pool (eating my grilled cheese and FF), paddle boarding at the lake, playing corn hole in the backyard with friends, outdoor music...

We ate, we sweated, we drank, we ate, we sweated, drank some more, and then we even learned a few things.

Once the clouds broke, it was time for a celebratory grill fire. And once the coals are hot and the meat has been adequately seared and infused with smoke, why not add the salad too?

As I grind the beans for my morning elixir and feed my pups, I make a mental note of the meal I want to serve in the evening.

Katuah Market will be hosting a Braai on June 21 from 2pm-5pm. A Braai is a South African BBQ tradition that grew into its own holiday...

Have you all been to All Souls Pizza? Man, those folks can make some good pies!! These are the same folks who bring you Farm and Sparrow bread. In this voter's opinion, it's the best bread in town.

Every Tuesday for the past 15 years I have had a standing date with my girl Katie. She is the best kind of friend...

Two of Asheville's most well-known restauranteurs are teaming up for a new venture on the South Slope.