Hanging out with Katie


Hanging out with Katie

  • Traci Taylor


Every Tuesday for the past 15 years I have had a standing date  with my girl Katie. She is the best kind of friend...gregarious, gracious in spirit; awesome sense of humor. I don't really know how it started, all I know is I adore her and wouldn't trade our traditional night for anything. Through the years the format has changed a bit...these days we meet out at a local restaurant because I am usually too tired to cook, and well...Katie doesn't cook. We laugh at ourselves because the meet time used to be about 7 or 7:30...now sometimes we are too early for the early bird special! We call our time now "the granny hour" and we do it with straight faces, thank you very much!

For years I used to cook the dinner and Katie would bring the wine. We would usually start on the porch with a drink and unwind and share the days events. I would try out new recipes on her and she would love everything, (liar) then tell me how I should write a cookbook or start a restaurant....funny little coincidence??

My friend has a great palate but she always seems to ask for the same requests...we love a big steak on the grill, fish of any kind and a dish Katie never tires of peppers and feta. It makes me laugh because it is the easiest dish on the planet. Toss peppers with olive oil, add crumbled feta, cracked pepper and bake on 400 until bubbly and brown. I think the only thing Katie likes more is chocolate.

Well and maybe oysters...


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