Get Thee to Market


Get Thee to Market

  • Traci Taylor


Every Saturday I spring out of bed eager for the day to begin...

As I grind the beans for my morning elixir and feed my pups, I make a mental note of the meal I want to serve in the evening. I toast my coffee to the view I have of Mt. Pisgah, and remember why I love this town so much. By the time hubby stirs, crusty eyed and bathrobe clad, I have my list done and recycled bags packed...I am on my way to my favorite tailgate market.

I love to take my scooter on most ocassions; it just feels locally, saving gas...the problem is, I always go a little overboard and buy too much.

If you have been to the markets, you know what I am talking about; it is a visual feast. On this particular morning I see Jacob from Table restaurant. We exchange a greeting and beeline it to the first stall. I am curious to see what Jacob is buying today...I might just have to go see him at lunchtime. He is loading his milk crate with emerald green asparagus and I immediatly think of chilled soup unfettered...I grab 2 bunches.

My next stop is Farm & Sparrow bread. I NEVER, repeat NEVER pass up this yeasty goodness. Grit bread, bialies, pain au chocolat...

Today I get sesame and market herb; this will be great brushed with fresh garlic and thick slabs of heirloom tomatoes... maybe grilled asparagus?? I know I want pasta next but I pitstop to Biltmore Coffee Traders first...I need a jolt of java.

I load up on wonderful raviolis such as crab, corn and basil, caprese, shitake and short rib. I forgo the homemade sauces cause I went a little crazy the last time I was here and am well stocked, thank you very much. I am envisioning something wonderful on the grill so I check out the selection at Hickory Nut Gap. I leave with two beautiful porkchops that I will marinate in rosemary, garlic, olive oil and lemon...

My stomach is growling a little bit surrounded by all of this luscious food so I pop up to Suzy's window for some out of this world lebanese treats...Gypsy Queen food truck rocks!

At this point the bags are getting heavy and my wallet light, but I am a glutton for punishment. I stop at Spinning Spider Creamery, Sunburst Trout AND New Moon Herbs...just in case I have forgotten something...I am loaded up with napa cabbage, golden beets, fresh kale, radish sprouts and foraged mushrooms.


I have enough food for weeks and am wondering to myself if I need to throw a dinner party??? One thing I am thankful for...this time I brought the car!

Saturday Menu:

Marinated pork chops on the grill

Roasted asparagus with wild mushrooms

Kale caesar salad with grit croutons

Grilled bread with goat cheese, herbs and fresh tomatoes

(Note from Asheville Grit: Where's our invite?!)