Top 10 Asheville Breakfasts


Top 10 Asheville Breakfasts

  • SaraJane Case

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Now, I’m not a professional food writer. I'm also not a chef myself. 

However, I do love breakfast. 

So, there's that. 

I've collected my ten favorite breakfasts, mostly under $10.00, that you can find in town. 

In no particular order…

1. Early Girl Eatery: The Early Girl Benny {$9.50}

The Early Girl Benny is a sweet blend of several of my favorite things. It’s a perfectly poached egg on top of cooked spinach, avocado, tomatoes and grit cakes. All topped with tomato gravy. I get mine with a side of whole wheat toast and bottomless coffee.

2. Over Easy: Down Home Breakfast {$9.00}

Two buttermilk biscuits, two eggs, a side, and their vegetarian herb gravy. I always get the Hickory Nut Gap sausage patties as my side, because I love myself. That alone is worth the trip to Over Easy.

3. Sunny Point Cafe: Breakfast Burrito. {$8.00}

Scrambled eggs cooked with serrano, peppers, onions, and cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla. It’s all topped with tomato chipotle salsa and a cilantro cream sauce. I add chorizo to mine for an extra $2.00 and it’s worth it.  The burrito also comes with a side of potatoes or grits. Although you won’t need them when you see how big it is!

4. Green Sage: Breakfast Biscuit {$4.99}

It’s the simplest thing but done so well. It’s honestly one of my favorite to-go breakfasts in town. If you want to add a little something on the side, I recommend the sauteed kale and onions!

5. High Five Coffee Bar: Bagel w/ Veggie Cream Cheese and an Iced Cubano. {$5.56}

A cubano is one of the most magical coffee concoctions this side of the mississippi. {really, any side of the mississippi, I just like that saying.} It’s an americano with raw sugar, salt, and steamed half and half. I am a fan of the iced variety myself and it’s a damn treat. Now, the bagel is all well and good, but, I’m OBSESSED with the way the veggie cream cheese tastes. It’s just the thing you want when you’re a little bit hung over.

6. Early Girl Eatery: Porky Breakfast Bowl. {$9.00}


This thing is a magical filling bowl of heaven. Here are it’s contents: home fries, bbq pork, scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon gravy! You’ll eat the entire thing, you’ll love every single bite, you’ll wish you didn’t eat the last two bites, and then you’ll nap.

7. Tod’s Tasties: Donut Day!

So, here’s the thing. Tod’s Tasties is amazing. Their breakfast is to die for and you’d really regret leaving that place without having a tater tot. Well, I would. But, the thing that’s particularly special about them is their donut Wednesdays. Every Wednesday they come out with a new flavor of donut. They’re always unique and they’re always delicious. People who eat them regularly are probably going to be a little upset that I’m sharing this with you. But, you have to get there early or they’ll sell out!

8. Tupelo Honey: Fried Chicken and Biscuits {$10.95}

The only thing on the list over $10.00. But, it’s worth it. Two giant pieces of fried chicken topping a giant biscuit covered in delicious gravy. It’s southern breakfast at its finest.

9. Early Girl Eatery: Local Sausage and Sweet Potato Scramble. {$9.50}

Yes, Early Girl made it on the list three times. My office used to be two doors down, what’s a girl supposed to do? Also, this is all of the 20 something’s number one breakfast place to bring out of town guests. The sausage and sweet potato scramble is potentially the breakfast I would like to eat the most often on the list.  Eggs scrambled with local pork sausage, shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes, bacon and green onion, pair it all with whole wheat toast and I’m a happy breakfast camper.

10. Biscuit Head: Half Breakfast {$6.00}

This very well may be my favorite breakfast on the menu. Mostly because I love variety and I love Biscuithead. It’s a ridiculous place really with giant biscuits topped with amazing goodies, and a jam bar that would make your grandma sweat. I like to get the half breakfast with a side of sausage and a side of the gravy of the day. YES, they have a gravy of the day! The half breakfast is a giant biscuit, eggs, and a choice of a side. I eat my sausage and eggs with the gravy and then eat my biscuit with every single jam on the jam bar. Similar to the way a 12 year-old boy would approach a jam bar.

No regrets.

If you have less of a need to deconstruct this breakfast, you could indulge in one of the many biscuit concoctions they already have made for you!

What’s your favorite breakfast in town?