Perfect Pies at All Souls


Perfect Pies at All Souls

  • Traci Taylor


Have you all been to All Souls Pizza? Man, those folks can make some good pies!! These are the same folks who bring you Farm and Sparrow bread. In this voter's opinion, it's the best bread in town. They are located on Clingman  Ave. in the former short lived Asheville Public. They had a short run, but to me that space will only ever be the institution...The Silver Dollar.

The guys at All Souls are true artisans. Their dough and bread rivals what I have had in Europe...rugged crusts, yeasty, chewy, sublime...

My hubby ordered the pizza with radicchio, olives, goat cheese and mozzarella. Radicchio is lost on's like pesto...seems overdone, but my husband loves it. He wouldn't even give me one bite. Two can play at that game...I had the Manhattan. In case you are wondering, it is a reuben made with pastrami...I own a restaurant..who knew?? OMG. The meat was so smoky and flavorful. I have a vision of a big luscious piece of meat cooking away in an old smokehouse on a farm back east...and again, that amazing bread.


They have a such a pleasant outdoor area as well...big picnic tables for friends to gather around, and all the while surrounded by flowers. While we were there I was listening to a lady talking to her daughter about the honeybees buzzing the flowers...the little girl said to her mom, "let's go back over there (she points to her table) and let the honeybees eat THEIR  lunch." Big smiles...

These are the leftovers which Treavis will be enjoying tonight. Who wouldn't want to eat a leftover so beautifully packaged? This is a mindful, sweet little corner of earth. Check it out!