Here's a tip: channel your irrational yearning for your ex into a steamy summer fling.

I worry about wrinkles.

8 Ways to Deal with an Unreasonable Co-Parent
First off, stop playing the blame game.

How to Deal With a Narcissist
Mastering the ability to work with people who don’t see the world the way that you see it and to still achieve your goals is a triumph that will serve you forever.

Sure, sex is intimate, but have you ever tried believing in aliens?

Ask Audrey
Also, what do I do if my kid might be going down the wrong path?

Biscuits. Source: Flickr (deadling)
Our new correspondent is new in town. The first thing she discovers? Asheville is small, y'all!

street scene
Traveling, claims all the articles, helps you gain perspective on yourself and the world around you. She who travels is unafraid of adventure, change, and most of all, herself. And yet, as I was driving through the endless, cloudy expanse of Virginia, I could not shake the gnawing fear that I was very, very afraid of myself.

Eat cake
Last week I turned twenty-four. I hope I'm good at it. I've never been twenty-four before.

I think there’s a dizziness that can happen when life gets busy. A trickery in the monotonous. The luxury of self-exploration is allotted to those who seek it, but, also those who have time for it. Which, many of us don’t.