We ate the first round roasted, straight-up. Then after gathering more, it was time to come up with a recipe.

Two weeks of being vegan and it's getting easier. Asheville has so much to offer by way of eating out and rest assured vegans have plenty of options as well.

First, it’s probably best to introduce a few things about myself and why I’m doing this: I was born in Asheville and raised 45 minutes away in a town called Brevard. To be honest, I hated living in Brevard and fled as early as possible to go live in and travel throughout various countries.

As a twenty-something who has received over a dozen wedding invitations this summer, I’m starting to wonder if people these days even go on first dates...

A few short months ago, Briar DeHaven knew neither hide nor hair of Stu Helm, the illustrious Facebook food critic. Now, they are total buds and fellow Asheville Grit contributors.

When you're buried in green beans, why wait until the holidays for your favorite dish? Green bean casserole was, and still remains, a favorite Thanksgiving memory...It was dirty. And perfect.

So, what are the things we want to be remembered for? What is the ripple we want to start in our universe?

I’ve learned from the locals that when bombs go off in Beirut you do one of three things: Start drinking heavily (even MORE heavily than usual). Get the hell out of town. Both.

I went to my very first yoga class which, I know living in Asheville for years seems like a weird "first" to be having. But whatever. Here were my thoughts before, during, and after.

I reported this Tuesday along with about 50 other folks in my county. Unlike everyone else, I wore a tie. I suspect this is why I was kicked off a jury.

Do one little thing every day to infuse the bare room of your being with creation until a wild arena explodes in your sweet heart.

Once the clouds broke, it was time for a celebratory grill fire. And once the coals are hot and the meat has been adequately seared and infused with smoke, why not add the salad too?

It's easy to complain. It can be even easier to just not be an ass. Here are 20 tip so you can try and avoid being one.

I think there’s a dizziness that can happen when life gets busy. A trickery in the monotonous. The luxury of self-exploration is allotted to those who seek it, but, also those who have time for it. Which, many of us don’t.

We train The Deputy to help with chores or build skills by offering a toy. We’ve done this since he was a toddler. Potty training earned him a car from a Matchbox set.

You can buy $12 of cat treats with your reward for a day’s inefficient jury service.

My mother is a strong, lighthearted woman. She is often mischievous and likes to not take life too seriously. Although, she can worry about her children something fierce, she never dwells too long on the negative.

Every Tuesday for the past 15 years I have had a standing date with my girl Katie. She is the best kind of friend...