Justin Rabuck, Jason Sandford, and Ali McGhee
AVL Grit - Nov 30 2017
As preparation for this weekend's Big Crafty, we talk with Justin Rabuck, a founder of the event and an owner of Horse and Hero in downtown Asheville.

Ali McGhee - Nov 29 2017
This Friday, head to Ellington Underground for their grand opening show, featuring Exmag and local legends RBTS WIN.

Tale 53; Snowhite. Photo: Tommy Bay
Ali McGhee - Nov 27 2017
Puerto Rican-based puppeteer Deborah Hunt brings her new show to Asheville's BeBe Theatre as part of a fundraising effort to give back to the island after Hurricane Maria. Shows December 1-3.

Ali McGhee - Nov 24 2017
Daedelus plays at the Orange Peel on Tuesday, November 28 with Mono/Poly and Free the Robots. We talked with the producer and creative icon about everything from literature to labyrinths.

Neglectful. Photo: Sebastian Matthews
Stolen Moments - Nov 22 2017
“I’m just joking,” I say. “I’m the one who’s useless.”

Slowdive. Photo: Anthony Gabriele.
Ali McGhee - Nov 22 2017
Last Friday, Slowdive and Soccer Mommy played a show that's sure to be your new soundtrack for lucid dreaming. Photos by Anthony Gabriele.

Ali McGhee - Nov 21 2017
Local hip-hop/production outlet Xero God play their first show at Ellington Underground with The Difference Machine and 10th Letter of Atlanta. We talk up the show and drop a track from Xero God's new album, Bandidos, for you. You're welcome.

Murder on the Orient Express
The Daily Orca - Nov 17 2017
A flawed but ultimately enjoyable old-school murder mystery.

Medieval Market
AVL Grit - Nov 16 2017
We're featuring the inaugural Medieval Market and so much more! Happy weekend!

Korean House
MY AVL - Nov 16 2017
A guide to navigating Best Of lists in Asheville (tip: make your own!).

P.T.P. (Peter the Poet). Design: Emma Sharon
Ali McGhee - Nov 15 2017
Check out a hip-hop showcase this Friday at downtown's Static Age Records featuring P.T.P., SIYAH, and more.

Isa's seafood bouillabaisse
This Is Why I Wear Yoga Pants (A Guide to Eating in Asheville) - Nov 15 2017
Dinner in France, without leaving the south.

Best Short Documentary
Dayna Reggero - Nov 14 2017
Dayna Reggero and Andrea Desky win Best Short Documentary at the Belize International Film Festival for their film, "The Wood Thrush Connection." Celebrate this Thursday, November 16th, at the Climate City Soiree, hosted by The Collider and Asheville Affiliates.

expensive! Photo: Anssi Koskinen (Flickr)
Thriftygirl - Nov 13 2017
With holidays right around the corner and a tight budget, how nice would it be to save and earn a few extra bucks doing a few simple things? Below are some easy steps to take that can get your friends and family gifts without breaking the bank.

Thor: Ragnarok
The Daily Orca - Nov 13 2017
Finally, a superhero film that successfully showcases the outlandish and ridiculous aspects of the genre in the best of possible ways.

Cotton Mill Studios
AVL Grit - Nov 10 2017
This weekend, check out the official RAD Fall Studio Stroll, then head to the After-Party at the Cotton Mill! Plus a whole lot more. Presented by Grail Moviehouse.

Time of the Apes
Jeff Mason - Nov 9 2017
A Japanese rip-off of Planet of the Apes is heading your way with live commentary from three comedians, free popcorn, and more. It's Spoiler Alert! Plus, how to win two tickets!

Tin Foil Hat. Credit: Sarah Hooker Photography
AVL Grit - Nov 9 2017
Local producer, musician, and vocalist Tin Foil Hat recently released his EP, Dance w/ You. Here's why you need to listen to it.

EarthCry. Photo: Pierce Photo (2016)
Ali McGhee - Nov 6 2017
EarthCry, feat. Mike Healy, brings experimental electronic to Isis on Saturday, 11/11. We talk with Anthony Thogmartin, founder of EarthCry and member of Papadosio, about what to expect. Kri Samadhi and Illumination Station also perform.

River Arts District. Source: nschouterden (Flickr)
MY AVL - Nov 3 2017
Like art? Music? Theatre? We've got a list of the best resources for FREE arts and culture events in town.

AVL Grit - Nov 3 2017
It's a beautiful fall weekend, y'all! Check out our video and event roundup.

Phuncle Sam. Photo: Caleb Calhoun
Caleb Calhoun - Nov 2 2017
Reflections on a Halloween night spent feeling the love with Phuncle Sam at Pisgah Brewing Company.

Stolen Moments - Nov 1 2017
The wood the young man has delivered is perfectly cut for the pot. The lawns trimmed to fairway length. I hate these kind of places. And, despite myself, I feel at ease in them.

angels at play
Ali McGhee - Oct 31 2017
Self-taught painter Tyler Whitlock draws inspiration from the Old Masters to digital art. His show opens this Friday at Satellite Gallery.

Tina & Her Pony. Photo courtesy of the band
Ali McGhee - Oct 31 2017
We talk with Appalachian indie folk duo Tina & Her Pony, who play a show at the Mothlight this weekend to celebrate their upcoming album, Champion.

Hatch This
Ali McGhee - Oct 27 2017
Over the first weekend in November, teams will vie for seed money and support to create a brand new business in Asheville.

GritVegas Halloween
AVL Grit - Oct 27 2017
It's Halloween weekend! We've got you covered from now through Tuesday. Plus, we peek into the void at five famous ghosts of Asheville.

Jen Kirkman. Photo:  Robyn Van Swank
Jeff Mason - Oct 26 2017
The fabulous Jen Kirkman is bringing her "All New Material, Girl" comedy tour to the Orange Peel on Thursday, November 2. Jeff Mason and Grayson Morris pick her brain about all the things.

Consider A Criminal cover art
Ali McGhee - Oct 25 2017
"Consider a Criminal," a new single from ResoNate and SIYAH, is out today.

AVL Grit - Oct 25 2017
It's our favorite time of year. As we draw closer to Halloween, we're getting more in the mood to be celebrate the season with these spooky things to do.

Blade Runner 2049
The Daily Orca - Oct 25 2017
A visually rich sci-fi noir with a great cast and story to boot.

Supper, People on the Move. Image: Bill Hebert
Ali McGhee - Oct 24 2017
Supper, People on the Move is an immersive dance performance and a shared meal that brings people together to talk about immigration.

The Daily Orca - Oct 24 2017
A touching and endearing send-off to a great actor and a great man.

Palimpsest. Art: Megan Lee
Ali McGhee - Oct 23 2017
An Asheville duo has teamed up to create a podcast that tells the story of one young woman living with a quite a few ghosts. The first episode drops this Halloween.

AVL Grit - Oct 20 2017
It's a beautiful fall weekend in Asheville. Celebrate with our weekend roundup!

Thievery Corporation. Photo: David Simchok
Front Row - Oct 19 2017
A life-changing experience with Thievery Corporation last week at the Orange Peel. Story by Micah Buckner. Photos by David Simchok/Front Row.

Source: Denise Carbonell/Flickr (
MY AVL - Oct 18 2017
Seeing the pros (and cons) of the shifting Asheville art market

Credit: Anthony Easton
Thriftygirl - Oct 18 2017
Still having fun over the age of 30

"My Life," Tomorca. Source: Flickr (Creative Commons)
ElectricLives - Oct 17 2017
I did the “right” thing. I told my story right away and went through the systems in place that are supposed to protect me. I was told that my voice didn’t matter.

Rooftop Bars
AVL Grit - Oct 13 2017
We take you on a tour of our favorite rooftop bars in Asheville. Plus a whole bunch of stuff happening this weekend. Presented by Grail Moviehouse.