The Daily Orca - Apr 11 2018
A good old-fashioned nail-biting horror movie that is as scary and tense as it is fun.

Ashvegas - Apr 10 2018
Newman's "Asheville Imagined" exhibit at the AC Hotel will display Newman’s fashion designs and photography inspired by Asheville’s skyline and natural beauty.

8 Ways to Deal with an Unreasonable Co-Parent
Sara Bensman - Apr 9 2018
First off, stop playing the blame game.

Ashvegas - Apr 8 2018
Western North Carolina breweries, businesses and non-profits team up with Asheville Brewers Alliance for a week of events celebrating local craft beer.

Ashvegas - Apr 6 2018
The grants support five innovative, arts-based ideas in the inaugural year of the Arts Build Community grant cycle.

Ashvegas - Apr 5 2018
The opening highlights unique collage and assemblage artworks created by Open Hearts Art Center artists.

Ashvegas - Apr 3 2018
The Asheville Yoga Festival is set for July 26-29.

Ashvegas - Apr 2 2018
Bob Boilen, creator and host of NPR’s All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concert, will be the keynote speaker.

Ashvegas - Apr 1 2018
Hundreds of Pisgah Legal Services supporters will gather at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel on April 11 to celebrate.

The Daily Orca - Mar 31 2018
Underdeveloped characters with questionable motives maneuver a thin plot that's held together with nothing more than a non-stop barrage of nostalgia.

Ashvegas - Mar 30 2018
The UNC Asheville Queer Studies Conference began in 1989.

Ashvegas - Mar 29 2018
UNC Asheville has met five standards developed by the Arbor Day Foundation to promote healthy trees and student involvement on campus.

Ashvegas - Mar 28 2018
Voting rights and civic engagement are key components of this event.

Ashvegas - Mar 27 2018
Ronald Manheimer explores situations from the lives of prominent existentialist philosophers and uses those biographical stories to shed light on key existentialist ideas.

Ashvegas - Mar 26 2018
The theme of this year's event is intersections through the arts.

Ashvegas - Mar 25 2018
The exhibition ponders the phrase "I am" and examines the constant moral battle between self and other.

Ashvegas - Mar 24 2018
Thanks in part to the grant, the museum has a fully operational makerspace, which includes 3D printers, a laser cutter and more.

The Daily Orca - Mar 23 2018
A nearly pointless adventure film that really wants to be something it's not.

Ashvegas - Mar 21 2018
The special events on April 5 and 6 are free and open to the public.

Ashvegas - Mar 20 2018
Tobacco once was king, but over the last 15 years, WNC farms have found success in growing local foods, according to the ASAP report.

The Daily Orca - Mar 19 2018
Beautiful, alien, and thought provoking sci-fi the way it's supposed to be.

Ashvegas - Mar 18 2018
Art by alumna Celia Gray and student Lily Furniss to be highlighted.

Ashvegas - Mar 17 2018
The work of an encaustic artist and a jewelry designer will be on display in the exhibition that opens May 4.

Ashvegas - Mar 16 2018
The April 14 event will serve as a fundraiser for the nonprofit Green Built Alliance.

Ashvegas - Mar 15 2018
Tews is the creator of "Felines of New York" and a regular at the Comedy Cellar in New York.

Ashvegas - Mar 14 2018
Steve Kelly and the Tribute Kings will bring their show to Flat Rock Playhouse for one weekend only in April.

The Daily Orca - Mar 13 2018
An intriguing character study of a lonely Japanese woman on a quest to find meaning.

Ashvegas - Mar 12 2018
The Sublime Theater's first production will start previews at The BeBe Theater April 19, with the production running weekends through May 5.

Ashvegas - Mar 11 2018
A group of 11th-grade students at Franklin School of Innovation have started a multi-faced project to examine the issue of housing insecurity.

Dayna Reggero - Mar 10 2018
Asheville Climate City Week includes a host of events, from workshops and lectures to art openings and much more.

Ashvegas - Mar 9 2018
All Around Artsy Productions will hold a secret short film premiere screening party Sunday at Wedge at Foundation.

The Daily Orca - Mar 8 2018
The movie has a few flaws, but ultimately it's a fascinating story about a fascinating woman.

Ashvegas - Mar 7 2018
"Starbright" by Sean David Robinson, a first-time playwright, will be performed over the course of three weeks as part of the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival.

Ashvegas - Mar 6 2018
The 17th annual film fest will feature topical documentaries including one delving into the impact of the Pulse nightclub shooting, as well as one examining trans life.

Ashvegas - Mar 5 2018
Along with host, Terry there are five other fantastic women in this show, including locals Moira Goree and Kelly Morgan.

Ashvegas - Mar 4 2018
It's Asheville's largest vaudeville show, and it's mostly snake-free.

This Is Why I Wear Yoga Pants (A Guide to Eating in Asheville) - Mar 3 2018
From a few satisfying favorites to some delicious new flavor combinations, Hendersonville Restaurant Week features a little bit of everything.

Ashvegas - Mar 1 2018
The festival brings out both beloved bohemians from the local arts community, as well as award-winning stars from the world outside.

Ashvegas - Feb 28 2018
Local artists Kyle Keeler and Laurie Yeates Adams will be featured in the FW Gallery at Woolworth Walk in April.

The Daily Orca - Feb 27 2018
Social consciousness doesn't get much more fun than this. Black Panther is not just for fans of the genre, but a must-see for everyone.