Bliss Mob Hug Parade
AVL Grit - May 18 2017
This weekend, we're featuring the Bliss Mob Hug Parade! But there's also a lot of other stuff happening in and around town. Don't miss it, and let us know what you're most excited about.

Mountain Tea Studios - May 17 2017
Signs of Life, a new exhibition at Pink Dog Creative Gallery, opens June 2nd.

Moogfest 2017
Coogan Brennan - May 16 2017
In no real order.

Orbiting Human Circus
Ali McGhee - May 15 2017
The fantastical podcast, produced by the folks behind Welcome to Night Vale, is on tour and will stop at the Grey Eagle on May 30th. We've got a pair of tickets for a lucky someone!

Stolen Moments - May 15 2017
Camping at LEAF

Chef William Dissen of The Market Place. Source:
Melissa Reardon - May 14 2017
This coming Wednesday, the James Beard Celebrity Chef dinner will be hosted by Chef William Dissen of The Market Place. Check out the full lineup of chefs, and the stellar menu, right here.

Citizen Jane
The Daily Orca - May 12 2017
A eye-opening documentary about what makes a city successful, and what causes its demise.

Land On Your Feet
Ali McGhee - May 11 2017
Asheville-based jazz- and soul-infused rockers Window Cat celebrate the release of their album, Land On Your Feet, this Saturday at Asheville Music Hall, where they'll open for Con Brio.

Jason and the WNC Yarn Crawl
AVL Grit - May 11 2017
Check out what lies ahead this weekend! We're highlighting everything from the WNC Yarn Crawl to Mother's Day fun.

YoungAsheville - May 11 2017
In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I’ve asked some of my favorite Asheville locals to share the best advice their mother ever gave them, and here is the beauty that unfolded.

Elizabeth Carter
Brewing Up a Storm - May 10 2017
We profile Elizabeth Carter of Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain.

street scene
Sexistentialism - May 9 2017
Traveling, claims all the articles, helps you gain perspective on yourself and the world around you. She who travels is unafraid of adventure, change, and most of all, herself. And yet, as I was driving through the endless, cloudy expanse of Virginia, I could not shake the gnawing fear that I was very, very afraid of myself.

Star and Flag Design Quilt, Fred Hassebrock. Source: National Gallery of Art
AVL Grit - May 8 2017
On each Monday in May, members of a new arts forum, Holler, will convene at locations around town for an hour of "flash mob-style making sessions" around specific themes. Come out; make art!

Branches. Photo: Kelly Boitano
Ali McGhee - May 7 2017
Indie rock/Americana band Branches brings their distinctive sound to the Grey Eagle on Monday, May 8th.

Baked pie flight
This Is Why I Wear Yoga Pants (A Guide to Eating in Asheville) - May 7 2017
Asheville has a new place to find pie for your pie hole.

Spirit Savvy - May 5 2017
The Brunch Bill is up for review before the ABC Committee on Tuesday. Find out more (and find out where to sign the petition to drink mimosas on Sundays at 10 a.m.!) here.

Tracey Morgan Gallery Exhibits
Jeff Mason - May 5 2017
An Hoang and Rob Amberg - Artist Exhibitions May 5 - July 2, 2017

I Called Him Morgan
The Daily Orca - May 4 2017
A beautiful and gripping documentary about a talent whose life was cut short.

T.I. Photo: Keely Knopp
Keely Knopp - May 4 2017
Checking out T.I. and his Hustle Gang at the arena.

Prairie Fire
Jeff Mason - May 4 2017
The cast of characters ignites the stage in Prairie Fire, an original play by Ryan Madden.

Eda Rhyne on the GritVegas Weekend Update!
AVL Grit - May 4 2017
We're featuring Eda Rhyne Distillery, which is kicking off their Indiegogo campaign with a party on Saturday in their new facility! Check out the write-up for the full details, plus other events that will get you out and about and on the town.

Jeff Mason - May 4 2017
Check out the First Friday Art Opening at Push Skate Shop!

Eat cake
Sexistentialism - May 2 2017
Last week I turned twenty-four. I hope I'm good at it. I've never been twenty-four before.

103.3. Asheville FM Fund Drive
Jeff Mason - May 2 2017
Donate today and all contributions will be matched and doubled!

Xpand Fest
AVL Grit - Apr 30 2017
Xpand Fest, a free arts and music festival in Asheville's South Slope, recently made their first announcement of headliners and sponsors.

onj. release show
Jeff Mason - Apr 30 2017
"Alone" is the first album by Asheville instrumental post-rock band onj. The release party happens on Friday, May 12, at the Mothlight.

1 Year of GritVegas!
AVL Grit - Apr 28 2017
Here’s some of what’s happening around Asheville this weekend. Also, Jason Sandford of Ashvegas and I just want to say thank you for watching – this episode of our weekend update marks the one-year anniversary of our video series. Cheers!

Dance Club Asheville
YoungAsheville - Apr 28 2017
Next up in our series of Young Asheville Finds Fun Fitness, is a new wave of workout classes that have women of all ages and fitness backgrounds finding a new sense of self-empowerment and freedom.

The Transfiguration
The Daily Orca - Apr 27 2017
A unique and look at the vampire genre, and possibly the best horror movie of the year so far.

Prairie Fire
Jeff Mason - Apr 27 2017
Anam Cara's Prairie Fire, inspired by the writings of The Weather Underground, continues through the first weekend in May (Fridays and Saturdays).

Stupid Fucking Bird poster
Jeff Mason - Apr 25 2017
The new play at Magnetic Theatre is a wild and hilarious tour of existential angst and unrequited love!

The Story We Want series
Dayna Reggero - Apr 25 2017
The Climate March + A New Climate Listening Project Film Series

Asheville Greenworks on Forest Friday!
Dogwood Alliance - Apr 21 2017
We hit the Hard Times Trail with Joele Emma, Asheville Greenworks' Director of Education.

The Lure
The Daily Orca - Apr 20 2017
A great premise that gets bogged down by a scattered narrative.

Brother Oliver
YoungAsheville - Apr 20 2017
Brother Oliver comes to the Mothlight on Tuesday, April 25th. We sat down with the brothers before the show to talk about their unique brand of "Wild West Rock."

Asheville Butoh Festival
AVL Grit - Apr 20 2017
This weekend, we're featuring the 11th Asheville Butoh Festival, happening all weekend with performances and workshops at the Bebe Theatre downtown.

Asheville Butoh Festival
Jeff Mason - Apr 20 2017
The 11th annual Asheville Butoh Festival begins tonight and runs through the weekend. Here's everything you need to know.

Big Wild
AVL Grit - Apr 20 2017
Big Wild comes to the Orange Peel this Friday, and you can be there too.

Asheville Music School Rock Band. Photo: Michael Oppenheim
AVL Grit - Apr 19 2017
Thursday's annual benefit show at Isis Music Hall will raise funds for the Asheville Music School. Students and teachers will perform The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour album in its entirety at the end of the evening.

Ali McGhee - Apr 19 2017
We're kind of huge fans of Austin-based artist Mobley (if you haven't noticed). Here are five reasons to get to Asheville Music Hall early and check out his set before The Hip Abduction.