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  • Dispatches From the B.A.D. | Kevin Miyazaki @ Window (Re/production | Re/presentation)

    Over the course of two days (July 8th + 9th), Milwaukee artist Kevin Miyazaki will create a series of portraits of members of the Asheville community, which will be formed into a gridded composite image to be on view from July 10 through October 30, 2015.
  • Dispatches from the B.A.D. | Michael Strand @ CCCD

    North Dakota artist Michael Strand conceptualized the project, Ex.Change – My Time for Your Time, and is currently in town engaging with community members while producing hand-made cups in a makeshift studio in the front gallery as part of the exchange.
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D. > Dana Hargrove in AVL 5/22

    Florida-based artist Dana Hargrove will be in Asheville for the public reception of her new work, In Search of the Spectacular, currently on view at Window (Re/production | Re/presentation). She will give an informal "sidewalk art talk" on 5/22.
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D.

    "How does/can this dialogue lead artist and audience to determine what is successful, or valuable? And, isn’t the very nature of experimental work to take the type of risks that can often result in failure?" {Re}HAPPENING and Back to the Drawing Board – A Response (Part II)
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D.

    The first weekend in April ushered in the spring art season in WNC in spectacular fashion, with the 6th Annual {Re}HAPPENING and the first of an ongoing series of gallery takeovers called, Back to the Drawing Board, at The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design’s Benchspace Gallery.
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D. > 5 Reasons to Attend {Re}HAPPENING 2015

    This yearly event reinvigorates the greater WNC arts community by re-instilling the excitement once generated on these grounds, while simultaneously honoring the Black Mountain College legacy, and preserving its spirit.
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D. > the {Pre}HAPPENING}

    Window (re/production | re/presentation) is pleased to partner with The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center in presenting this artist talk and {Pre}HAPPENING with McLean Fahnestock and her collaborator Michael Dickins.
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D.

    A preview of upcoming exhibitions at The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design and The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center both with openings this Friday, January 28.
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D.

    Review and conversation with guest blogger, Ursula Gullow, local artist and arts advocate extraordinaire.
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D.

    Last week I posed a question to a number of local arts professionals both inside the B.A.D. and within the surrounding community.
  • Dispatches From the B.A.D.

    A primary goal for this column is to get a bit more dialogue going. I’m encouraged by the appearance that, in recent years, art audiences seem more engaging.
  • Five Reasons the Broadway Arts District is 100% B.A.D. Ass!

    It’s an exciting time for contemporary art in Asheville, and a lot of the energy is coming from a rapidly transforming section of downtown I’ve decided to playfully dub, The Broadway Arts District, or, B.A.D.