I worry about wrinkles.

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Traveling, claims all the articles, helps you gain perspective on yourself and the world around you. She who travels is unafraid of adventure, change, and most of all, herself. And yet, as I was driving through the endless, cloudy expanse of Virginia, I could not shake the gnawing fear that I was very, very afraid of myself.

Credit: Rene Treece Roberts
Local photographer René Roberts and her husband Billy took a trip to Cuba. Here's why you should go.

I’ve learned from the locals that when bombs go off in Beirut you do one of three things: Start drinking heavily (even MORE heavily than usual). Get the hell out of town. Both.

I’ve never had a driver take a selfie while exiting the freeway at top speed before and I think for a moment how sad it would be if the word “selfie” was the last thing I heard.

Whenever I’m about to set out on an exotic trip somewhere, I frequently get comments like: “How can you afford to travel so much?”

“First of all”, she tells me, “Australians invented the expression: “Don’t beat around the bush….cuz…you know…going around the 'Bush' in Australia means thousands of miles.” Makes sense.

I think there’s a dizziness that can happen when life gets busy. A trickery in the monotonous. The luxury of self-exploration is allotted to those who seek it, but, also those who have time for it. Which, many of us don’t.