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  • New Life Old Life

    4 Life Changing Steps To Becoming The Exact Same Person You Were Before

    I'm not getting hotter, I'm just getting older.
  • An Incomplete Guide to Public Vulnerability

    An Incomplete Guide to Public Vulnerability

    Routinely crucifying my privacy on the cross of feminist literature is my way of showing I care.
  • Buttercup

    The Buttercup Game

    Sometimes, we played the buttercup game. You hold up buttercups beneath each other’s chins and check the reflection’s color. If the buttercup reflects pale yellow, it means that you are in love. My chin was always yellow.
  • street scene

    Siri, Pencil In Material Transcendence for 2 PM

    Traveling, claims all the articles, helps you gain perspective on yourself and the world around you. She who travels is unafraid of adventure, change, and most of all, herself. And yet, as I was driving through the endless, cloudy expanse of Virginia, I could not shake the gnawing fear that I was very, very afraid of myself.
  • Eat cake

    It's All Happening

    Last week I turned twenty-four. I hope I'm good at it. I've never been twenty-four before.