Seth Walker Soothes The Grey Eagle


Seth Walker Soothes The Grey Eagle

  • David Simchock

    David Simchock is a multi-dimensional photographer, fine artist, writer, professional vagabond, and wanna-be rock star all wrapped up into one. After leaving his corporate career over a decade ago to...

North Carolina native Seth Walker, who now calls NOLA his home, returned to the Tar Heel State in late June, treating the crowd at Asheville's The Grey Eagle to a night of soulfully smooth and soothing blues, as he celebrated the release of his latest CD, Sky Still Blue.  I must admit that up until a couple of weeks before the gig, I was not familiar with Seth Walker and his music.  It wasn't until a local publicist / friend, Erin Scholze (Dreamspider Publicity & Events) turned me on to him that I took notice.  And, I'm glad that I did!

Over the course of a Wednesday evening, Walker entertained a crowd of itchy-footed fans with numbers from his four CDs, while revealing influences from his home-hopping from North Carolina to Nashville to Austin to his newfound place of residence, New Orleans. Apart from tracking Sky Still Blue through my iTunes three or four times leading up to the show, Walker's sound was all new to me, but intriguing nonetheless.  I felt he started and ended the evening equally strong, with plenty to catch my ears and eyes in between.

All in all, it was a pleasant introduction to some new talent for me, and I'll be keeping an eye on Walker, hoping to catch his next Asheville gig when he rolls into town again.


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