Rogue Fringe Tonight! Ruts! and Willie Filkowski @ Tiger Mountain


Rogue Fringe Tonight! Ruts! and Willie Filkowski @ Tiger Mountain

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Oregon Trail Blizzard

Breaking Blizzard News: Two Fringe performances are going rogue and will be performed TONIGHT at Tiger Mountain Thirst ParlourRuts! The Oregon Trail Experience and Willie Filkowski Welcomes You to Florida the Sunshine State have decided to take their Fringey madness to the stage at Tiger Mountain beginning at 7 pm.

The performances are pay-as-you-can and the bar will be open for your imbibing pleasure! Willie will be performing an excerpt from his show, which will run again tomorrow night at the Crow and Quill (6 pm), while Ruts! will be performed in its entirety. 

These are two of the performances the Grit is most excited about, and they are definitely worth (safely!) getting out of your house for. Read our interview with Ruts! creator Debbie Harbin and composer Paul Obarowski here, and check out our preview of Willie Filkowski here

Major Bonus: Willie made a video that will have you putting on your snow shoes and hoofing it to Tiger Mountain.


amenities from Willie Filkowski on Vimeo.