Fringe Brings a Little Sunshine << Show Preview


Fringe Brings a Little Sunshine << Show Preview

  • Ali McGhee

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Willie Filkowski with alligator

Ok, it's cold. It's really really cold. It's so cold I'm searching frantically for warm currents of air in stores and for the ever-elusive pair of winter socks that doesn't yet have holes. Like a cat, I would gladly push another out of a sunny spot in the house to seep up some of that golden glow. But it turns out people don't appreciate getting pushed, and the socks are still missing, and I loathe shopping. If you are like me, friends, I have another solution. Go see a show about Florida. 

Willie Filkowski Welcomes You to Florida the Sunshine State is coming to the Asheville Fringe Festival, with two performances on Thursday and Saturday at Magnetic 375 (both shows run from 7-8 pm). It's about life in that weirdest of all places still (mostly) in this reality, Florida. And it will heat you right up. Not only is it about a nearly-tropical place, it also involves a lot of crazy dancing. And stripping. 

Writer and performer Willie Filkowski is a one-man tropical storm, a blast of energy and exuberance that is sure to thaw even the iciest of hearts. One of his goals in life is to become a weimaraner. Are you in love yet? Because I think I am a little. 


Willie Filkowski Welcomes You... is described as "the invitation you never wanted to the place you've always lived ... a playground for human ignorance, wild optimism, bureaucratic failure, and weather." Tickets are on sale through Fringe. Show Old Man Winter that you're the boss and go spend some time in sunny Florida--or in a theatrical, satirical representation of Florida, which is actually way better.