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Lauryn Higgins
These are facts. Not thoughts and ideas conjured up in a liberal arts college classroom, but the harsh reality and wake-up call that our current food culture is destroying our planet and our bodies. And it's these facts and figures that made me rethink everything. So....guys. I am officially a vegan.

Jordan Geiger. Image courtesy of the artist.
Asheville can add yet another musician to their roster, as Jordan Geiger calls the city his new home. Playing for the last fifteen years as a solo act under the moniker Hospital Ships, Geiger decided to transplant from his roots in Austin, Texas to Asheville, NC to play in a new band, Des Ark.

Andrew Scotchie
Saturday, January 16, Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats will be headlining ISIS Music Hall to celebrate namesake of the band, Scotchie’s, 23rd birthday with musical guests, Porch 40 and Danielle Howle.

Root Down Food Truck Asheville
Owner and head chef Dano Holcomb answered a few of our burning questions.

Lauryn Higgins Goes vegan
This month was an eye opening experience. I learned firsthand how hard it was to rewind and rewire twenty-three years of eating habits.

Two weeks of being vegan and it's getting easier. Asheville has so much to offer by way of eating out and rest assured vegans have plenty of options as well.

Seven full days of being vegan. And I’ll be honest with you, it’s not been easy. The other day I tried tofu cheesecake and I had to remind myself I wasn’t eating Spongebob.

I decided two weeks ago I wanted to go vegan for one month. This was not on a whim or an impulse, but rather a very deliberate decision.

Kentucky bred band, Ancient Warefare, is making their Asheville debut this week, in promotion of their new LP. In anticipation of their show coming up on Wednesday, I was able to ask them a few questions to get to know them and their music a little better.

Tricia Ellis, the youngest designer in the inaugural Asheville Fashion Week, will be presenting her first line, a collection of ten looks all stitched and designed entirely by her. Find out her inspiration and what this opportunity means to her.

So here’s to all of you fearless fathers. For dedicating your lives to your children and for sacrificing your Saturday mornings. You are loved and admired more than you know and today we celebrate you.

Marion Walker is a trio of artists and musicians who come together to create a sound that is dreamy, fuzzy, a little dark and a little technicolor. They fell in love with Asheville awhile back, made friends, and return to play Tiger Mountain for June 6. And it's free.

In honor of some original Asheville tourists – our baseball team – and their 100th season, we asked Doug Maurer, Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations for the Asheville Tourists, what we can expect from this season and more.

Asheville is home to countless dedicated artists, and Christine Aiken is no exception. When she saw a void in the market for aerial arts, she jumped at the opportunity. A single mother, a mortgage professional and now owner of Asheville Aerial Arts, she is literally figuratively superwoman, and she makes it look so easy.

Passion, hard work and a dash of style is what truly sets apart the good from the great, and Andrew Scotchie has talent - and style. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the rocker to talk about the origin of The River Rats, their new album, and what the future holds.

Get to know local designer Brooke Piddy who has been making one-of-a-kind dresses and gowns in Asheville for years.

The freezing temperatures may be a sign, or the sudden explosion of people hogging the treadmills at the gym. Or maybe it’s the sense of excitement and ambition you feel. Because it’s here. A New Year.