Prof. Logik headlines BEAT LIFE at the Mothlight


Prof. Logik headlines BEAT LIFE at the Mothlight

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Prof. Logik

The beats are back in town. BEAT LIFE throws down this Friday at the Mothlight, one of the favorite venues for this ongoing series. The night gets going at 10 p.m., and musical guests this time around are headliner Prof. Logik, Tyler Ambrosius, LAVIER, and Asheville's Vietnam Jerry. 

Hailing from Spartanburg, SC by way of Queens, NY, Prof. Logik (Gregory Grant) makes the kind of juicy, flowing beats that make BEAT LIFE such a success. His recent EP, Sketches (2017) is a sweet little collection of short downtempo tracks that will have you chilled out in no time. Arcing over the beat, sounds of waves rolling in and out, of bells tinkling, and of harmonies that float like clouds infuse these pieces with a mood all their own. Prof. Logik got started making music at an early age, and that experience shows in the confident flow of sounds he creates for your listening pleasure.

His 2016 EP Bokeh reflects a different side of the prolific producer. He notes that the album was a way for him to deal with the depression and anxiety he was experiencing at the time. Songs are more percussive, slightly heavier, but still possess that undeniably relaxed edge. Even in a period of struggle, Prof. Logik delivers gorgeous sound. Follow Prof. Logik on Facebook and Soundcloud

Journeying all the way from Alabama, Tyler Ambrosius makes the kind of dreamy, sparkling beats music that I feel like my soul has been searching for. He has recently released some tracks with Houston, TX producer Les Lockheart that combine the blippy and trippy, the distorted and the clear. "Smokeplume Part 2" escalates from a sonic dreamscape up to a building, driving beat before settling back down into a final sound, like a drone filtered through an old arcade game. 


Boone's LAVIER (Dylan Evans), just released an album, Prince of Trash Palace. It's a strong, thoughtful offering that starts slow, with tracks that possess a quality of dark moodiness with strands of lighter tones that break through. But by the mid-point with songs like "Ozone Jones is my Favorite Band," the funk fully takes over, and the upbeat quality, which borders on the delightfully manic and threatens to slide into a kind of technicolored chaos, is infectious. Things get a little more laid-back as the album reaches its endpoint. 

Vietnam Jerry will represent our local scene with his signature record-spinning set that will have you deep in the groove. It's not a party till Jerry throws it down. 

Live the BEAT LIFE this Friday from 10 p.m. on. $5 gets you all the beats you ever wanted on your Friday night out at the Mothlight.