Papadosio Plays Only Non-Festival Show of the Summer at Pisgah Brewing (7/15)


Papadosio Plays Only Non-Festival Show of the Summer at Pisgah Brewing (7/15)

  • Ali McGhee

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Dynamic progressive rock sensation Papadosio comes to Black Mountain and the Pisgah Brewing stage on Saturday, July 15th for the Summer Seequence, a night of psychedelic wonder under the summer stars. This is Papadosio's only non-festival show of the season, and we're so lucky it's happening right in our own backyard, where Papadosio has also made their home for the past few years. Papadosio will be joined by Kalya Scintilla, Living Light, and Futexture, who will help round out an unforgettable evening. 

Papadosio's five members blend synths with live instrumentation to create one of the best, most creative, and most engaging shows you'll ever see. Creating synesthetic sounds that spin the imagination in transportive ecstasies, the musicians take inspiration from the intricacies of daily existence and the sublime vastness of the cosmos—fitting, as they identify their sound as "space rock." Papadosio's goal is nothing less than the evolution of humanity itself, and their music stimulates the imagination and the mind. Songs pull from prog rock, funk, jam traditions, and improvisation while simultaneously riding the cutting edge of electronic production and the definition of what music is, and what it can be. 

Their music, a natural fit for wide open spaces, celebrates the experiences of being human and living on this earth harmoniously with other beings. Papadosio is rightfully beloved for their live shows, which have taken them through the festival circuit to the storied Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado (where they were joined by live painters Alex and Allyson Grey). They've also headlined, or will headline, Electric Forest, Costa Rica's Envision Festival, Oregon Eclipse, Wanee, and Peach Festival. 


Papadosio will be playing material from their most recent album, Pattern Integrities (2016), as well as favorites from their extensive archive. This appearance will be a final stop of the summer as they get ready for a fall tour across North America. 

Tickets for the night start at $22.50. Things kick off at 5 p.m. and end at 11:30. Get there early, grab a beer, and catch the incredible openers (and the after party with Futexture). And stay tuned for an interview with Papadosio, straight from Asheville Grit to you.