My Wishes for 2015


My Wishes for 2015

  • Lauryn Higgins

    Lauryn Higgins is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she is studying Journalism and Mass Communication. She spends her weekdays working in PR and her...

The freezing temperatures may be a sign, or the sudden explosion of people hogging the treadmills at the gym. Or maybe it’s the sense of excitement and ambition you feel. Because it’s here. A New Year. And these are just a few things I wish for you.

I wish you a year of chocolate cake and cartwheels.

A year of new adventures with old friends.

A year of cold beer and warm conversations.

A year of celebrating others.

A year not wasting Mondays wishing for Fridays and Fridays that make good stories for Monday.

A year of less doing and more being.


A year of necessary change and onion rings.

A year of self-value and less self-centration.

A year of cliché dates with the love of your life.

A year of maps that lead to different destinations.

A year of focusing on health rather than image.

A year embracing your flaws and perfecting them.

And I wish you a year of purpose.