More Best of WNC > WSAVL Call Me Style


More Best of WNC > WSAVL Call Me Style

By now we all know the entire Best of WNC is out via the Mountain Xpress, but here at Team WS AVL Call Me we came up with some extra categories and winners we think should have made the cut.



Best Neighborhood to Catch Your One STD in Your 20's in:

1. West Asheville

2. Montford

3. North Asheville/UNCA


Best Couch in a Bar to Sloppily Make Out On:

1. Red Velvet Couch at Double Crown

2. Back Couches in The Rankin Vault

3. Victorian Couches at Crow and Quill


Best Place to Recover from Your Mid Life Crisis:

1. Spa at Grove Park Inn

2. Various Olive Oil Tasting rooms

3. Salt Caves


Best Place to Go When You Don’t Want to Anyone to See Your Hungover Ass but you Hangry:

1. Rite Aid Counter, North Asheville

2. Bojangles (Various Locations)

3. Five Guys in Arden


The Best Ingles Other Than Your Usual Ingles:

1. The one all the way down Leicester Hwy

2. The two on Tunnel Rd.

3. The Swannanoa Ingles


Best Places to Find Your New Weed Dealer:

1. Any of the State Streets in West Asheville

2. Twitter, just ask

3. Tingle Alley


Best Places to have Low Key Sex but in Public:

1. Hidden pews at The Basilica

2. Rat Alley, behind a box

3. Any Industrial area in Woodfin



Best Place To Breakup With Your Boo:

1. Tubing down the French Broad and then float away

2. On a tour of Biltmore Estate, right after you see a couple get engaged

3. At a Malaprops Book Reading, so you have to sit in awkward silence for 45 minutes


Best Places to Sleep at UNCA:

1. Under that weird Green Sculpture outside of Zaiger Building

2. One of those rooms that no one uses in Highsmith

3. Front row in any Humanities lecture


Best Place to get Hit by a Hula Hooper:

1. Drum circle

2. LEAF 

3. Any random EDM type Night Glow Music Festival


Best Places for the Next Pig Blood Bath:

1. Grove Park Inn Lounge

2. Biltmore Estate Summer Music Series

3.  Red Stag


Best Places to Watch Beautiful Perfect Asheville Families To Make You Feel Lonely:

1. Tailgate Markets (Various Locations)

2. TIE: Shindig on the Green, LEAF

3. Downtown After Five


Best Places Where the Ewok Girl Who Broke the Ping Pong Table at Desoto Lounge Might Be Hiding:


2. Swannanoa

3. Brevard


Best Things People Really Wanted to Write on the “Before I Die” Wall

1. Try to move out of Asheville

2. Find a job in Asheville

3. Find Real Romance in Asheville