An Introduction to Asheville Fashion


An Introduction to Asheville Fashion

  • Grace Anixter


These days, it's hard to meet anyone outside of our fair city who hasn't at least heard of or (more likely) visited Asheville.

As our friends from near and far pontificate on the wonders of our little town (which they tend to do), the accolades are almost always the same: the beer, the eats, the arts, and the outdoors. In the basic equation of what makes Asheville magic, fashion is often overlooked. So, let's get to know the evasive Asheville fashion scene.

In this town, there is an art to marrying fashion forwardness with wearability- we push the envelope, but we're wearing comfortable shoes. Local shoppers are a unique blend- both trendy and practical. While they may read traditional fashion magazines, they're not running out to replicate the looks. We're wearing the latest trends, but not all at once. 

Over the past 12 years, the women of Minx Boutique have gotten pretty good at understanding this balance. We love timeless pieces with classic shapes and a vintage feel, and we love predicting and incorporating the trendiest items. But more than anything else, we love showing our shoppers how to wear both.

Let's turn to the Minx blog for a look at some of our favorite summer looks: