Asheville food

Photo: Mali C.
Travel the world for dinner without leaving your neighborhood!

Baked pie flight
Asheville has a new place to find pie for your pie hole.

War is only fun when there is food involved. The annual Asheville Wing War brings it!

Beer City Festival
Tips for making the most out of this year's Beer City Festival, with all the details you need from how to get tickets (which sell out every year) and what you should eat when you get there.

mole amarillo preparation
Table's Seven Moles of Mexico Dinner, happening on Thursday, 2/25, is a foodie's delight.

Caro Savanti Experience
A send-up of Asheville food culture and the dangers of celebrity, The Caro Savanti Experience is a hilarious play that's showing for two more weekends at Magnetic 375.

Moe's BBQ sides
An evening out at Moe's Original BBQ. We'll have a little bit of everything, please!

Chef Mark Rosenstein is widely seen as sort of one of the pioneers of the farm-to-table movement in Western North Carolina and is at his best when he is creating and cooking, with fire. We find out what he's up to now and even get him to share one of his delicious recipes.

Critics of the local food movement have always painted it as an all-or-nothing deal: To be a locavore, you have to shun bananas, pineapples, and the list of tasty tropicals goes on. Of course, that isn’t true.