Aligning Minds Announces New Record Label


Aligning Minds Announces New Record Label

  • Ali McGhee

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The electronic music scene in Asheville just took a giant leap forward. Regional favorites and visionary producers Aligning Minds (Mike Folk and Daniel Merrill) have been heavy hitters in the local scene for years now. They’ve also put out two full-length albums and toured the U.S. three times. Most recently, Mike organized the incredible Waveforms events, an ongoing series of shows that features talent from in the neighborhood and far away (one of the first headliners of last year, Machinedrum, was born in North Carolina and now lives in Germany). Now, Aligning Minds is also turning their attention to production and artist representation with the founding of Aligning Minds Recordings.

Aligning Minds Recordings is committed to providing support for electronic music that pushes the frontiers of expression, emotion, and depth. The label is not limited to representing specific genres; rather, the goal is to discover, record, and promote music with vision and heart that connects to listeners through a shared journey of self-exploration. Aligning Minds’ mantra could easily be that creativity comes from source—and that our own unique expression in art and in life is what connects us to other beings. Aligning Minds Recordings is committed to the belief that there are no limitations to stop artists from achieving—and going beyond—their musical goals. It’s about bringing “passionate music to passionate people.”

At the moment, Aligning Minds Recordings is exclusively working with Aligning Minds and Daniel Merrill’s solo project, A Path Untold, but developing relationships with other artists who share a similar vision is on the horizon. They already had the soft launch of the label on July 22, 2015. The official label launch will happen in late August 2015 and will include the unveiling of album previews, artwork, and the debut of the official website. The first full-length album release is scheduled for September 2015.


You can sign up for the mailing list on the website, Signing up for the mailing list will also get you an exclusive preview of the first release, A Path Untold’s album Secret Subtle Light, an album that explores future garage and 2-step rhythms and that was mastered by Andrew Souter of 2CAudio. Stay tuned for an album review!

Congratulations Aligning Minds Recordings—we can’t wait to see what you’ll get up to.