27 Little Things I'm Thankful For


27 Little Things I'm Thankful For

  • Lauryn Higgins

    Lauryn Higgins is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she is studying Journalism and Mass Communication. She spends her weekdays working in PR and her...

I always thought Thanksgiving was perfectly timed. Like, whoever decided the holiday would fall on the last Thursday of November knew we would all need a little break. And if you’re like me, breaks are a rare and beautiful thing, so much so, I tend to lose sight of the little things. So, last night I sat down with pen and paper and decided to kick it old school and make a list of what I’m thankful for this year…with a little Asheville twist, of course.


1.)  Tight hugs

2.)  Barley’s Fiddlesticks with extra blue cheese

3.)  Sunday afternoons spent baking

4.)  Malaprop’s Bookstore’s children’s section

5.)  My brother’s sense of humor

6.)  That Chipotle coming to town is no longer a rumor

7.)  Clean sheets

8.)  Izzy’s Coffee Den’s blueberry muffins

9.)  College football

10.)  Leftover Halloween candy

11.)  Greenlife’s meat counter. Best bacon in town.

12.)  Getting lost on hikes and discovering new views

13.)  My father’s example of living life fearlessly

14.)  Red gummy bears


15.)  H&M taking the hint and opening shop in the Asheville mall

16.)  The new outlet mall opening in 2015

17.)  The craft brew scene

18.)   Pink nail polish

19.)   My reading glasses

20.)   Hallmark Channel movie marathons with my roommate

21.)   The New Yorker

22.)    Worn in running shoes

23.)    A great cup of coffee

24.)    French Broad Chocolate Lounge’s expansion. ‘bout time.

25.)    Laughing with friends until my stomach hurts.

26.)    Highland Brewing Company’s free brewery tours. And the free samples are always nice.

27.)    The camaraderie between the young people in this city. We all have each other’s back.