Youth Independent Filmmaking Summer Camp with Award-Winning Filmmaker Paul Schattel


Youth Independent Filmmaking Summer Camp with Award-Winning Filmmaker Paul Schattel

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From the organizers:

The New York Studio for Stage and Screen's (NYS3) summer camp is a special opportunity for young people to receive quality, professional training and guidance learning the craft of independent filmmaking while encouraging their creative growth and expression. For two weeks in August, our young students get to enjoy a unique immersion in a cutting edge craft that is fun, educational, inspirational and constructive, ending with the thrill of seeing their work on the big screen! 

Youth Independent Filmmaking Summer Camp (DIY)

Filmmaking is equal parts technical and creative, but the technical side can be grasped quite quickly with a modicum of curiosity and aptitude. This two-part class will immerse young filmmakers in the world of low-budget moviemaking. The first half is an in-class intensive (lecture, demonstration, hands-on experience), while the second half is in-the-field production, with an exploration of real-world problem-solving. Each student will have the opportunity to learn each aspect of the filmmaking craft (lighting, sound, editing, camera operation, story construct, etc), and the result will be an accomplished, professional-level music video that students can enjoy and claim as their own. When the final product is produced the students will get to see it on the big screen at a local theatre. If they have their own cameras and editing programs (iPads/iPhones okay) they can bring/use them. All cameras are grounded in the same principals and elements, so students will learn the foundations for operating all standard cameras whether its a $20,000 Sony or an iPhone.

– EQUIPMENT IS INCLUDED (students can also bring their own iPhone, iPad, camera, etc.)



WHEN: Level I: August 3 – 7 (sold out)
             Level II: August 10 -14

STUDENTS: 10 Maximum (ages 11 – 15)
INSTRUCTOR: Paul Schattel
COST: $299 for one week; $499 for two weeks (equipment is included)
             Week I is a prerequisite for Week II 

Visit for details and registration!