VIdeo Preview: Stupid F*cking Bird at Magnetic 375


VIdeo Preview: Stupid F*cking Bird at Magnetic 375

Stupid Fucking Bird poster

Photo credit: Rodney Smith/Tempus Fugit Design

I thoroughly enjoyed this wild, unconventional, and irreverent play loaded with exceptional writing. I knew nothing about The Seagull, the original play by Anton Chekov that Stupid Fucking Bird is ingeniously adapted from, and it didn’t matter in the least. The Seagull dates back to the 1890s, but Stupid Fucking Bird was written in 2014 by Aaron Posner and takes place here and now with all sorts of modern relevance and timeless themes. Posner’s play has already appeared on stages worldwide and received numerous accolades.

The story revolves around a tortured playwright and six related characters suffering from unrequited love and bursting with existential angst. Each of them is individually fixated on objects of affection that are already spoken for by other characters in the play. Characters occasionally share their inner thoughts explicitly or break the fourth wall by encouraging audience participation. Self-reflexive moments abound, questioning the value of art and address the inherent challenges of creative endeavors. This rollercoaster-esque meta-play successfully takes on many styles and tonal shifts. The scenes can switch from quietly pensive to emotionally raw to boisterously funny within an instant. The production features inventive directing, tight performances and the abstract set design expands beyond the stage onto the walls of the theater. Stupid Fucking Bird is a provocative, dense work that explores deep philosophical questions and is highly accessible.

I spoke with director Henry Williamson III and actress Josephine Thomas, who plays Nina in Stupid Fucking Bird

April 13th - May 6th

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm

Tickets $16


More info and tickets at:

Magnetic 375

375 Depot Street

(828) 239-9250