Ticket Giveaway--Titus Andronicus and A Giant Dog at The Mothlight << 9/14


Ticket Giveaway--Titus Andronicus and A Giant Dog at The Mothlight << 9/14

  • Carolyn Fagan

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Titus Andronicus

What has been the best music show you’ve seen all year? Have you danced? Have you sung out loud? Have you bumped into people around you but been so synchronized in focus on the performance that you smile at each otherinstead of apologizing? You can now, cause we’ve got a ticket giveaway.

On Wednesday, September 14th, Titus Andronicus and A Giant Dog will be playing The Mothlight. Titus Andronicus is the best punk music you should be listening to, evidenced by STADIUM ROCK: Five Nights at the Opera, the record that lets you in on their unprecedented five night occupancy at Shea Stadium.


STADIUM ROCK comes just a year after The Most Lamentable Tragedy, Titus Andronicus’ epic five act rock opera. The band has been around for ten years now, enough time to toy with multiple meanings of punk rock. They’ve reached a place that’s almost obnoxious in how listenable it is, mixing Patrick Stickles’ excellent vocals with an enormous variation of stories, styles, and instruments (harmonica on "69 Stones," please and thank you).




Additionally, A Giant Dog is probably having more fun than you right now, evidenced by every aspect of their single “Sex and Drugs”  off of their latest album, Pile. Get in on it by sharing this article on Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win tickets to the show. We'll pick a winner at 7 pm on September 10th!