That's So Asheville: Episode 2 — It's All About the Love


That's So Asheville: Episode 2 — It's All About the Love

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In the second episode of "That's So Asheville," host Ali McGhee of Asheville Grit talks with Veris and Ahnika Meyer-Wilde, creators of the Second Star Sanctuary / RadFae Reading Room and the minds behind Two Queens Productions, and local producer/musician Cpt. Hyperdrive (Rob Grey), who just released a new album, Burning Roses.

Opening Track: EmE, "Fifths," from BEAT LIFE Comp. 1 (2017)


For more information on Veris, Ahnika, and the Reading Room, click here:


Tea time at the Reading Room is from 3:33PM - 5:55PM Monday through Saturday.

To listen to (and purchase!) Burning Roses, click here:…debut-album

Check out Cpt. Hyperdrive's other music here:

Check out BomBassic here:

In the studios with That's So Asheville. Clockwise from window: Ali McGhee, Ahnika Meyer-Wilde, Veris Meyer-Wilde. Photo: Rob Gray