Supper, People on the Move Brings Together Immigration, Performance, and Conversation Over Dinner


Supper, People on the Move Brings Together Immigration, Performance, and Conversation Over Dinner

  • Ali McGhee

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Supper, People on the Move. Image: Bill Hebert

This Friday and Saturday (10/27 and 10/28), Randy Shull and Hedy Fischer of London Rd. Studio (22 London Rd. near Biltmore Village) host Supper, People on the Move, a performance around issues of identity and immigration that includes a communal meal and conversation. Choreographed by Silvana Cardell of Cardell Dance Theatre, the performance, which is inspired by migration and dislocation, will happen alongside an exhibition of immigration narratives from photographers Steve Mann (Asheville), Karen Lopez (Asheville), and Jennifer Baker (Philadelphia). The score, composed by Nick Zammuto of The Books, tracks the dancers as they move through space and express their stories through the physical performance. Tickets, on sale now, are $8 for BMCM+AC members and $10 for non-members.  

The evening, organized by Shull and Fischer and the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (BMCM+AC), also includes a supper for the 70 audience members, in which there will be opportunity for conversation about issues raised by the performance. 

From Supper, People on the Move. Vimeo: Silvana Cardell 


This is Supper's first time in Asheville: The earlier performance was at Philadelphia's Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts. Its arrival in Asheville is marked by the inclusion of local artists in the show. The site-specific quality of the performance will additionally affect the way the conversation unfolds after the fact. 

Supper, People on the Move is a chance to get acquainted with neighbors far-flung and right next door. Performances begin at 7 pm each night. 

Find out more about Supper, People on the Move via their website