Prints From Pink Dog: A Benefit for the Family of Chrystel Mann


Prints From Pink Dog: A Benefit for the Family of Chrystel Mann

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Steve Mann, Eagle Street

Local photographer Steve Mann is selling prints from his recent show at Pink Dog Creative to raise funds towards medical costs incurred during his wife, Chrystel's, fight with cancer. 

Diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2014, Chrystel courageously pursued available treatment options. Her fight ended earlier this month on August 7th. Chrystel was beloved by her husband, her children, and her community, who helped the family raise money during her treatment. Now, Mann is selling prints of his iconic images of people and places to cover remaining costs. Prints, from Mann's recent show at Pink Dog Creative, include subjects from Asheville's Lexington Ave. and Eagle St. in the 80's and 90's. The show brought together selected pieces from 1986-2016. 

Steve's gorgeous works captures the intricacy and beauty of the human experience. His photographs are peopled by subjects from all walks of life, but Steve's eye--equally intuitive and precise--links them in a tapestry of cultural, social, temporal, and racial backgrounds. Colors, textures, and patterns highlight details that someone might miss in the moment--the fall of a curtain, light on a derby shoe, the perfect sweep of a man's hair as he sits on a parked car. Mann asks us to pause, to fall into the experience of what we ordinarily don't notice and discover the inherent beauty within it.


The prints range in size from 18"x24" to 44"x54", and the price falls between $450 and $1200. All of them are available via Mann's website

Mann is the founder of Black Box Photography, a full service commercial photography studio that opened in 2001. Chrystel and Steve Mann