photo:object @ PUSH Skateshop, OPEN CALL to ALL for Upcoming Exhibition + Zine


photo:object @ PUSH Skateshop, OPEN CALL to ALL for Upcoming Exhibition + Zine


A new show at PUSH Skate seeks submissions by Monday, 5/1. The theme of the show is photo:object, and entries will challenge the idea of photography as a 2D media and will push the boundary of the "object." The full call with all details is below!

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photo:object @ PUSH - Open Call To ALL 
Exhibition + Zine

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: MONDAY 5.1.17 (all work must be DELIVERED by this date) / email submission info. below to secure your spot in the show by FRIDAY 4/28/17
Dates: opening reception May 5, 7-10pm / show runs through June

Call for entry: Photography is commonly considered a 2D media, though many artists have challenged the picture plane and pushed the photograph into the realm of "object." 

This open call is designed to challenge makers of all kinds to make a "photograph" which pushes the boundary of "object." Any work will be accepted into this salon-style show, in any format, of any size, as long as it may be considered a "photo:object." The short timeline on this call is intentional: set some constraints for yourself and make a thing now. Challenge your studio practice. Take a risk. Shake shit up. Think outside the picture plane, y'all. (Already completed works will also be accepted).


other details:
+ please EMAIL artist's name and super-short bio, title of work, image of work, materials used, and price (if for sale) by April 28 (so I can start curating the works and editing the zine) or as soon as work is completed and mailed or dropped off.
+ works behind glass or "traditionally" framed are unwelcome (glassless shadowboxes or non-traditional framing is OK as long as it still feels object-like). works will be hung salon-style, using a variety of mostly visible fixtures, ie: binder clip, thumbtack, washi tape, etc. (please include hanging hardware for heavy or particularly challenging pieces, or suggested hanging preference for smaller works with no specific hanging needs). limited pedestals may be available, floor space is available, hanging from ceiling is possible (get in touch for specifics).
+ artists may submit works in a series, or any number of individual works, as many works as possible will be shown, space allowing. 
photo:object is hosted by PUSH Gallery, and curated by lydia see. Commission will be 50/50: 40% to PUSH, 10% to lydia see (to cover/reimburse installation costs/incidental expenses/help with zine production) and 50% to artist. 
+ return postage for mailed works will be covered by each artist - if your work does not sell/is not for sale you must cover your own return shipping.
+ a Zine "catalogue" will be made (as a tangible extension of the photo:object concept) and pre-order will be available during the opening. Contributors will each receive a copy. If artists wish to contribute an essay or statement to the zine, this may also be submitted with the email materials.
+ tag submissions and process shots / view others' work: #PhotoObjectPUSH 

Works may be mailed to/dropped off at: 
lydia see c/o PUSH
25 Patton Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801

The backstory: 
I work at the intersection of photography and a whole slew of other materials. I find it challenging to focus and understand and balance my image-making instinct with my other making practices. During my current residency, I've been a partner with the Spartanburg County Library System, and I inherited a HUGE MASS of deaccessioned microfilm and microfiche which have been the material instigation for a lot of my recent work. Thinking of the images as material pushed my work in a different direction. Combined with inspiration from OBJECT:PHOTO (an interactive MoMa project), the continually shifting landscape of Photographic Practice, and my own explorations into "photo-performance," instigation, and #practiceprocess, this group show is all about questioning what it is to "make a photograph," how these works are often shown and commonly perceived, and who is responsible for this categorization. 

+ if you'd like to get your hands on some microfilm/microfiche to make an object with for the show (I'm happy to meet up or drop in the mail ASAP), or for ANY other info. you might need, please email

Info and more at