PHOTO:OBJECT is an exhibition of "photographs" which push the boundary of "object." Curated by lydia see from works submitted through an open call, interpretations to this constraint represent many cross-disciplinary approaches. The show was designed as an instigation to makers to set constraints, challenge their studio practice, take risks, and shake shit up. 

Earlier this month we featured the open call for artists to participate in PHOTO:OBJECT and I ended up submitting my own piece for inclusion. At first it seemed challenging to transform a photograph into an object without simply mounting it onto something else and decorating it with art supplies or adorning it with organic materials. I had an old black and white print of a yucca plant and decided to turn it into a three dimensional sculpture that more closely resembles an actual plant. This involved cutting apart the print then figuring out how to make it stand up on its own from inside a terra cotta pot. It was a fun exercise in bringing new life to a flat representation of the image and I'm pleased with the final product. 

The openings at PUSH Skate Shop are always lively events featuring local beer and live music and typically extend past 9pm. We look forward to attending the opening at part of May's First Friday Downtown Asheville Art Walk to see what sort of creations local artists have assembled. 

Photo:Object features over 15 artists, including Krista Allison, Lauren Bacchus, Eli Blasko, Paul Choi, Gray Hales, Clark Hodgin, Brighton Kilgore, Kelsey Magnuson, Jeff Mason, Susan Alta Martin, M. HoneyBee Mckee, lydia see, Shon Swett, Brett Wyatt and others. 

Opening Exhibition: 


PUSH Gallery

25 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801


beer + tunes
The exhibition will run through June. A Zine Catalogue will be published, featuring artworks and writings, and will be available for pre-order at the opening. For more information and updates, visit