For One Day Only > Haywood St. WELCOMEFEST 2018


For One Day Only > Haywood St. WELCOMEFEST 2018

  • Ayana Dusenberry

    Co-producer + Editor of Asheville Grit. I'm all about enjoying food, art, music + living the dream.


If you're not familiar with the Haywood St. Congregation and their Downtown Welcome Table program, well - ya should be.

I found about about the wonderful work they do within our community a few years ago and am thrilled to see this ievent that will hopefully be one of many to come.

Never intending to be a soup kitchen or feeding line, we want our meal to be a crossroads of diverse community, a gathering of disparate folks, a fork and spoon invitation to prince and pauper alike.


Today, Wednesday August 22nd from 10:30am - 2pm, there will be seven local food trucks, music, and "Holy Chaos". And for just $20, you get to feed yourself and a fellow community member in need. 

For tickets and more information on this event and how you can get invloved, check out their website.