New art show features Asheville artists Thornburg, Vallario


New art show features Asheville artists Thornburg, Vallario

Here's another great art show coming up. Press release here:

Twelve ROSEBUD paintings are currently showcased at the District Wine Bar in the Wedge Building.

On Friday, July 27th the District Wine Bar will host a reception from 5 pm to 9 pm to honor ROSEBUD and we hope you will join us.

Joyce Thornburg and Ken Vallario are artists, each with a distinct style of their own, who have adjoining studios at the Wedge Building in the River Arts District.


Despite very different approaches to their work, they made an artistic decision to create paintings together. Ken Vallario is a surrealist painter and a philosopher. Joyce Thornburg is a self-taught figurative expressionist and a poet.

As a result, a new artist emerged from this collaborative effort and they call that artist ROSEBUD. This collaboration of acrylic paintings is testament to how two very different styles can manifest into an impressive body of work. It is a compelling merging of two talents and passions that transcend both artists.

The first painting that they did together for their “Rosebud Project,” named “Peter Sellers,” was purchased by an Asheville art collector.