#MeatlessMonday >> Plant in Asheville


#MeatlessMonday >> Plant in Asheville

  • Aisha Adams

    Aisha Adams is a poet, social-prenuer, vegan, homeschooling naturalist.  Her written work has appeared in places like the Birmingham Times, ...

Meatless Monday can be chic and ethical if you have reservations at Plant. Plant was recently named by PETA as one of the best vegan restaurants, and it has received similar accolades from Men’s Journal and Lusty Vegan. From the time you walk in, it is clear why all the cool foodies hang out at Plant. I literally jumped for joy when Plant invited my family out for dinner.

The atmosphere is interesting because it lends itself to a family dinner night, but is also still luxurious and romantic. Guests get to choose if they want to be seated outside under the covered patio or inside at a booth, table, or at the bar. The menu is extensive with selections for multiple price points for a variety of budgets. We were impressed with the numerous appetizers, unique entrees, and house-made beverages. They also have gluten-free and organic beers.

Doriyan and Raf ordered a couple of house-made lemon-ginger sodas. After sipping it once or twice Doriyan sort of took it all in for a minute. He looked around an said, “I didn’t expect all of this. You said it was going to be nice, but this place is kind of unsuspecting, you know.”

I think he is right. The luxuriousness of Plant isn’t just the Merrimon Ave. location, chic ambiance, or its countless magazine mentions. The true luxury is in the food and service.

Our eyes lit up when our plates came out.

Doriyan ordered the Black Pepper and Herb tofu. He fell in love with the grilled broccolini. This meant adding another vegetable to his ever-growing list of favorite vegetables. He also shocked me by not leaving a single trace of tomato on his plate. As he proclaims regularly, he doesn’t eat tomatoes.

Raf and I both ordered the Applewood Smoked Porto’House. Plant takes the Portobello Mushroom to new levels of meatiness with a subtle change in texture to the mushroom. However, the Chard stole my heart. Aside from being vegan and beautiful, these plates were scrumptious and filling. I am certain there is a science to the portions we received.


For dessert, Raf and I decided on blondes. It was strange that we ordered the same thing throughout dinner. That rarely ever happens, but we both enjoyed our meal, and we were both satisfied with our portions. Doriyan had the Carrot Cake. He was extremely excited about the candied ginger on top.


Meatless Monday is a great excuse to experience this posh, compassionate dining experience. Plant is one of the jewels of Asheville, North Carolina.

1165 Merrimon Avenue
Asheville, NC 2880
Sunday-Thursday 5:00-9:00pm
Friday-Saturday 5:00-9:00pm