#MeatlessMonday >> Medea’s Espresso & Juice Bar


#MeatlessMonday >> Medea’s Espresso & Juice Bar

  • Aisha Adams

    Aisha Adams is a poet, social-prenuer, vegan, homeschooling naturalist.  Her written work has appeared in places like the Birmingham Times, ...

Have you ever been to Medea’s in South Asheville? It is a cozy little cafe-style juice bar located off of Long Shoals Road. If not, you should definitively try incorporating it in your “Meatless Monday.” Medea’s is great for so many reasons.

It is one of the few places you can get a meatless meal early in the morning. They open at 6:00 am, Monday-Friday, and 9:00 am on the weekends. They offer things like oatmeal, personal quiches, and breakfast pizzas.

Aside from a healthy menu, it is an extremely calming environment. We all felt right at home. Medea’s is one of the coziest places I have been to eat in Asheville. When you walk in, it is downright inviting. In terms of “Meatless Monday”, this is the kind of place where you can meet up with a group of friends and they won’t even realize you ordered a meatless option. They offer a variety of sitting options. They have a bar, a sofa area, spacious tables on the inside, and they even a have a couple of umbrella covered tables outside.

My family and I joined the owners Medea and Dan for a juice tasting. We tried all six of the juices on the menu. We actually liked them all. However, we agreed the Sunrise Surprise was our family favorite. If you are new to fresh pressed juices, I recommend starting with Medea’s juices… but not just because they are cold pressed and delicious. They have a one of a kind juicing process that keeps the juice from separating like it does when I make it in my Breville. This means you can purchase the juices from them and they will remain good for few days. Don’t forget to ask about their 3 day detox program.

Doriyan ordered the Margherita Pizza, and for dessert he had a frozen treat.


Raf and I both ordered the Love Your Veggies. It is a garden fresh wrap with hummus, avocado and an array of veggies. For side orders, Raf ordered the Organic Quinoa Tabouli and I had the Organic Sweet Potato Fries.

My family really enjoyed Medea’s. It is a very special place, although the menu is not strictly meatless. They specialize in organic food. “We cater to all diets,” Media explained. “I am sure we can all agree on one thing; food with no chemicals.” From the moment you walk in, you can see and feel their dedication to the health, wellness, and education of their customers.

Medea’s is dedicated to our local economy as well. They have partnered with many local companies. It really is just a great place to patronize. We are so glad we stopped by Medea’s Espresso & Juice Bar; it was a great experience.

Madea's is located at > 

200 Julian Ln #220, Arden, NC 28704 

(828) 676-3101