#MeatlessMonday >> Elements Real Food


#MeatlessMonday >> Elements Real Food

  • Aisha Adams

    Aisha Adams is a poet, social-prenuer, vegan, homeschooling naturalist.  Her written work has appeared in places like the Birmingham Times, ...

Have you heard of Elements Real Food on Liberty Avenue? They specialize in cold pressed juice, smoothies, superfood nut milks, raw vegan food, and desserts. It is one of the freshest vegan spots in Asheville North, Carolina. Although Elements opened in March 2015, you might remember Zach Bier and Jenni Squires from the food truck, "Roaming in the Raw”.

The atmosphere is intentionally calm and spacious, making it the perfect place for a light meatless lunch. The ambiance is versatile, so it is great for a working lunch or for taking a much needed break. The prices reflect the quality of food being purchased; all of their ingredients are fresh, local, and organic.

Because Elements partners with several local farms and grow their own micro-greens themselves, you can taste the freshness. I had the Farmer’s Salad. Not only was it fresh and beautiful, it was delicious. I fell in love with the beet dressing and Zucchini Hummus. I would have preferred a slightly larger portion, but all in all the food was marvelous. It was made to order pretty quickly and the service was good.

Doriyan took advantage of the juice bar and desserts. He had the Morning Dew and the Brownie Batter Pie. After sampling my plate he also took home an 8 ounce container of the Zucchini Hummus, which we have slathered across things like salads, sandwiches, and cucumbers. We really like it.


The desserts were so beautiful, I also took home a slice of pear cheesecake for Raf as well. He really enjoyed it. My family is excited to have access to such a great restaurant.

We were all pretty impressed with our treats, and we can’t wait to go back to Elements and try some other things on the menu. It is a great place to drink your vegetables, eat live foods, and partake in delicious desserts.