#MeatlessMonday >> Bean in South AVL


#MeatlessMonday >> Bean in South AVL

  • Aisha Adams

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Did you know that during World War I there was a proclamation for a meatless Tuesdays?

It was established to encourage the voluntary rationing of food during the war. The United States Food Administration (USFA) coined both “Meatless Tuesday” and “Wheatless Wednesday” to remind Americans to reduce their intake of these products. The Campaign for “Meatless Monday” was restarted in 2003 as a public health awareness program endorsed by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and 20 other public health institutions. The concept is fairly simple – give up eating meat on Mondays. I would suggest also laying off of dairy as well. It can be tough in some areas to find suitable vegan alternatives. However, I assure you that participating in “Meatless Mondays” in Asheville, North Carolina is bad ass! In exchange for your meat you get to be good to yourself, to the environment, and to our animal friends; this means you will gain hippie points as well. Despite what you may think, anyone can participate in “Meatless Mondays.” You don’t have to sacrifice luxurious style, convenience, or eat alone. Join me over the next few Mondays  as I share with you hottest “Meatless Monday” options in Asheville.

Bean is a great place to start off your “Meatless Monday” adventures. The food is hot, fast, and affordable.   Everything on the menu is vegan, however it reads like a non-vegan fast-food restaurant’s menu but with more options. The menu makes the meatless transition easy for the “meat and potato” type of eater as well as for young children. There are several different burger options, but can you imagine the look in your 5 year old’s eyes when you offer him or her a ”Crabbie Patty Sandwich”?

Doriyan kept asking me if I was sure everything was vegan.

We had a quiet lunch, but we did spot a member of the Asheville Vegan Society. It happens to be one of their favorite local hangouts. Bean is perfect for family outings because there is plenty of parking and the atmosphere is laid back. Plus, with so much variety you are sure to find something for even the most reluctant member of your family.

Although Raf didn’t join us for lunch, he is already a fan of  Bean’s Fishless Filet Sandwich and mashed potatoes. Doriyan and I were ecstatic when the co-owner Charlie Foesch invited us for lunch. We started off our afternoon with fried pickles.

These were the highlight of my personal dining experience. I instantly fell in love with this appetizer and you will too. Trust me on this; you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this southern delicacy.

I ordered the Jalapeño Cheddar Burger and a side order of fries. It comes smothered with a Daiya cheddar cheese and fried jalapeno chips with Vegenaise, lettuce, tomato, and onion. I had never even heard of fried jalapenos before this lunch. As a responsible vegan, I don’t normally enjoy so many fried foods. However, every once in a while we could all use this kind of comfort food. If this will be your first “Meatless Monday”, all fried everything probably doesn’t sound too bad.

Doriyan ordered a Ruben Sandwich. It came sautéed with Daiya Mozzarella, sauerkraut, and 1000 Island on grilled Rye Bread.

After biting in to his sandwich Doriyan looked at me sideways; “Are you sure this is vegan?” he asked again waving the sandwich around. I can tell by the lack of conversation that he enjoyed his meal. Oh- did I mention they had fake bacon, and it was good? This is definitely the kind of spot I would share with non-vegan friends and family. There are even a few gluten-free options on the menu.


One of the things that really impressed me about Bean was the non-alcoholic drink menu. Aside from Pepsi products, Bean has a  a wide variety of bottled soda choices. I was extremely impressed when I was able to get a Peach Izzy. My family likes Bean, and we will be going back. I hope to catch you out on a “Meatless Monday”!

Want to learn more about the idea “Meatless Monday” click here.

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Asheville Location:

2145 – A Hendersonville Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28704
(828) 483-6505

Charlotte Location:

3001 East Independence Boulevard
Charlotte, North Carolina 28205
(980) 939-1234


Hours of Operation:

Monday 11:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday – Friday 11:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.