For Love & Yoga: A Valentine's Event @ Go Yoga Asheville


For Love & Yoga: A Valentine's Event @ Go Yoga Asheville

  • Ali McGhee

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Valentine's Day with Sound & Harmony

Valentine's Day has become, for many of us, more than a little frustrating. The pressures of getting the day just right can ruin even the most thoughtfully planned event. Trying to get in at a favorite fancy restaurant can border on painful. Spending lots of money on flowers that are wilted by the time you get the home is sad (for you and for the flowers). Frankly, the build-up of most Valentine's events is often followed by a letdown as the special shifts into the stressful.

But fear not, dear ones. The Goddess of Love herself could not have planned a more spectacular antidote to the typical Valentine's Day than Emily Hartford (E-RYT), of Balance and Harmony. Hartford will be bringing her yogi magic to Go Yoga Asheville (65A Biltmore Ave) from 4-6 pm on Valentine's Day, and she's got more in her yoga mat bag than Candy Hearts.Source: Emily Hartford

Hartford and her fiancee, Nicholas Williams, are a pair of yogis and musicians that tour the country hosting sound healing workshops. I had the opportunity to attend one last Fall, and it was a vibrant, unique experience that I still think about. This Valentine's Day, they have even more planned. They will be leading a playful partner yoga practice (no experience necessary!), followed by Thai massage and a fireside champagne and chocolate tasting (with chocolates sources from French Broad Chocolate Lounge & Factory). All of this is yours for only $60/couple. That, my friends, is a steal. It's also a unique and memorable way to spend Valentine's that you'll be talking about for years.

Hartford has always been interested in the relationship between food and yoga practice. Her philosophy on the matter is compelling (and aso makes me want to reach for a fair-trade chocolate and a glass of bubbly).


I believe yoga philosophy syncs up with enjoying food and drinks as part of the practice. Yoga and meditation are meant to be practiced in all aspects of life, not just in the studio. The result of a consistent practice is a heightened awareness of the body and mind. When we become more conscious of our inner workings, we realize that what we eat directly effects how we feel, both physically and emotionally. From that place of mindfulness, we can choose what we want to consume based on the effects we desire. Indulgences such as alcohol and sweets, when enjoyed in moderation, can create feelings of joy, excitement and relaxation. 

Hartford has hosted these events before, with great success, and she is thrilled to bring the experience to Asheville. She notes that it will offer an opportunity to foster and deepen connection, get playful, and practice loving-compassion--all with your special someone.

You can register for the workshop through Go Yoga Asheville's site, and be sure to check out the Facebook event page as well. Sign up by the 12th to ensure your spot (and your chocolate!). You can let Emily know about any dietary restrictions when you sign up. Bring your yoga mat, water, and a blanket so you and your love can snuggle up.