Lindsey Kelley Dance Presents "For Rumbough" at Terpsicorps 7/21-7/23


Lindsey Kelley Dance Presents "For Rumbough" at Terpsicorps 7/21-7/23

Lindsey Kelley Dance

This weekend, head to the Academy at Terpsicorps to see Lindsey Kelley Dance perform "For Rumbough." It's a night of experimental choreographed pieces dedicated to the memory of Jennifer Lauren Rumbough. Tickets cost $15, and the full information is below: 

Join Asheville’s professional modern dance company, Lindsey Kelley Dance, for its third and final evening-length production, “For Rumbough, “ on July 21st and 22nd at 8:00pm and July 23rd at 3:00pm at The Academy at Terpsicorps. LKD will present an evening of eclectic works by artistic director, Lindsey Kelley Brewer, and dancers, plus guest choreographer, Oliver Steele. This is the company’s final evening-length production. The performance is dedicated to the life and memory of Jennifer Lauren Rumbough. Tickets are $15.00/adults, $12.00/students, and can be purchased at starting Monday, July 3rd. The Academy at Terpsicorps is located in West Asheville at 1501 Patton Avenue.

About the works in the performance:

Originally a solo self-choreographed and performed by Lindsey Kelley Brewer, “that happened, now onward,” represents one woman’s attempt to leave yesterday’s debris in the haunting shadows and move towards a lighter, clearer tomorrow. The solo has been restaged into a female trio performed by LKD dancers Ashleigh Gurtler, Megan Jones Medford, and Alexis Miller, set to sound by Asheville musician Marley Carroll. This dance was performed as part of the 2016-2017 North Carolina Dance Festival.

“Crème de la Crème Femme Mayhem” debuted at the 2016 Asheville Fringe Festival. It is a super slinky, ferocious duet choreographed by New York City’s Steeledance Director, Oliver Steele. Containing many of Steele’s signature choreographic qualities, the duet portrays two women slinking their way through space while exposing various female stereotypes.

The title of the piece really says it all: “SLDL” aka “Silly Little Dancing Ladies.” It's quirky, light hearted, and definitely not to be taken so seriously. Created in collaboration with Lindsey Kelley Brewer and dancers, “SLDL” will make its debut at this performance.


Performed to Chad Lawson’s modern interpretation of Chopin’s “Nocturne in F Minor,” this female quintet is highly musical and highlights each LKD dancer individually. This will be the first time “SHE.” is performed by a professional dance company. The piece was originally staged for students of the Ballet Conservatory of Asheville in March 2016 and restaged for students of the Northwest Florida Ballet in June 2016.

Inspired by a former duet co-created by Lindsey Kelley Brewer and dancing comrade, Mindy Upin Jackson, “Seester, Seester” is a current take on partnership and female bonding. Highly synchronized and extremely technical, Ashleigh Gurtler and Megan Jones Medford, head-bobble and paddle their way through this funky fresh duet.

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