INTERLUDE Closing Festivities + Events


INTERLUDE Closing Festivities + Events

  • Ali McGhee

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Lake Eden. INTERLUDE Arts Festival.

The near-month long INTERLUDE Arts Festival, which takes the place of The Media Arts Project and Black Mountain College + Arts Museum's usual (Re)Happening, is winding down this week with a bang. Mark your calendars for this Wednesday, 4/27, and Friday, 4/29, when INTERLUDE will host a free event, a block party, a closing reception, a cooperative instrument installation, and more. 

On Wednesday, Interlude presents "Lake Eden" at the Henco Popup Gallery. This free show runs from 8-9:30 pm (visitors can come in and out as they please) and features immersive visual and sound installations from visiting artists.

Composer D. Edward Davis, photographer and filmmaker Lisa McCarty, and percussionist and composer Tim Feeney worked independently to create their pieces, which will be shown together for the first time at the event. The resulting work will be dependent upon the chance intersections between the individual pieces. There's also an improvisational element to the installation as the artists explore how their works come together.

Friday's events close the festival. The closing reception block party happens on Walnut St from 6-10 pm. Artist Severn Eaton will be creating a cooperative musical instrument through his installation Gas, Food, Lodging, in which he will invite people to use soda cups and straws to make music and explore the delightful nostalgia of making squeaks, pops, and other sounds with a straw as a child.


Other street performances will enliven the evening, and Wedge beer  will be for sale. At 9:30 pm, Chandra Sukla will present XAMBUCA, a multimedia music performance at Henco that seeks to perplex audience members who see separate visible and aural elements of the performance as one and the same, when in reality they are separate. 

These performances, installations, and events are a perfect end to a festival that has sought to push boundaries and create new forms of engagement between audiences and works of art. BMCM+AC and MAP have done something truly exciting with Interlude, and we look forward to what they have in store next.