Gregory Dickens

Most of what I see in galleries is craft. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you run into art. That’s not a dismissal. I always hope for a jolt of rapport in each display. I don’t expect to see it all the time. It’s a rarity by its nature.

A local group of wrestlers and coaches hold classes that accommodate four-year-olds. My wife volunteered to sign him up and take him. In fact, I think she only told me about it in case I had any objections.

So seven paragraphs later, I come to the real point of all this: We live in a marvelous area to eat around allergies.

Most kids shows are fine shows with fine messages. They are tolerable in small doses, but...

Before we left, I Googled the state for a few hours, and we watched Lilo & Stitch. I felt confident I had a solid foundation for my journey after years of Elvis movies and those travel episodes of Brady Bunch and The Jeffersons.

Some of the non-readers are going to freak right out over female Thor and black Cap (there’s also a new Iron Man coming).