Embrew Tea: Artisan Tea Bag


Embrew Tea: Artisan Tea Bag

  • Rachel Leslie

    Just a local twenty-something excited to bring AVL news to you!

Last winter has brought magical snow days to the Asheville area along with a tea enthusiast and entrepreneur behind the first lightly sweetened artisan tea bags. Relocating from St Petersburg, FL and winner of the St Pete Pitch Night competition, founder Ashley Haywood is expanding Embrew Tea into the Western North Carolina region.

“We arrived at the beginning of the year and were welcomed by about 10 inches of snow. I’m sure it wasn’t just my family that was happy for a little play time outside but was also launched into the throws of added chaos while trying to balance work, home, and school life, including remote learning.” It’s more apparent than ever in times like these, that a great cup of tea is needed and it’s not coming from the typical grocery store tea bag. But, when there’s no time for the set-up and clean-up of an infuser or messing around with sticky honey, Embrew tea bags cut out the hassle and get you to those delicious self-care sipping moments faster.

Best-selling blends like Creamy Honey Oolong, Lavender Chamomile Kick, and Bourbon Smoked White, promise an upgrade to your tea experience that will leave your cup begging for more. You may be wondering, “but how sweet are they?” Just a touch of granulated maple, honey, coconut sugar, smoked raw, or plain organic cane sugar is in each tea blend to bring out additional flavor notes in the same way a chef adds a hint of sweetness to a dish.


Can I buy the tea around town, you ask? Ashley is working with local retailers to begin carrying the tea, but so far local produce delivery service, Mother Earth Food, carries Embrew tea as an add-on to their weekly produce box. But, to find the full assortment of teas, visit embrew.com and enjoy free shipping on orders over $25.

About Embrew: Embrew Tea has created the world’s first naturally sweetened artisan tea bags filled with innovative blends that guarantee a superior cup of tea without a cumbersome infuser set up. Female-founder, Ashley Haywood, has perfected the
sweetness and flavor for each brew through extensive recipe exploration and ingredient sourcing. As a result, there's no question of should I use coconut sugar or maple, or having to wait for-freaking-ever for the crystalized honey to come out. When she
realized she had created premium flavor and time itself – literal minutes – she had to share it with tea people everywhere.