"Consider A Criminal": ResoNate and SIYAH Release New Track


"Consider A Criminal": ResoNate and SIYAH Release New Track

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Consider A Criminal cover art

Asheville hip-hop artist SIYAH (Isa Whitaker) is about to drop his second EP on November 11th, and in anticipation, he's just released a fresh new track, a collaboration with ResoNate (aka Nasty Nate or Nathan Reddig).


"Consider a Criminal" features ResoNate and SIYAH rhyming over a beat produced by Red Hat (Heidelberg, Germany). The song asks some no-holds-barred questions about the way the criminal justice system works: Who are the real criminals in our society? Who runs the show through corruption from behind the curtain? Should we be cracking down on marijuana smokers, free thinkers, and creatives, or on the tyrants leading corporations that are destroying our world? Who do you picture when you think of a criminal? 


The strong vocal line is a perfect partnership between the two MCs, who call for justice over Red Hat's beats. "The American dream is vicious," they intone as the music moves through lilting, Spanish-style guitar and bouncing drums. That guitar becomes a third voice, a plaintive, slightly melancholy sound that transports the listener to the streets where people are affected every day by injustice and corruption while others look down with greed in their eyes, well above the fray. 



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