Art for Ecuador: The Undergrowth Collective Hosts Auction @ The BLOCK


Art for Ecuador: The Undergrowth Collective Hosts Auction @ The BLOCK

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Rebuilding Ecuador, by Sue McQueen

The Undergrowth Collective is a group of artists and musicians who share a mission to "give back to the local and global community using the power of art and creativity." On Sunday, 11/6, they'll hold their first art fundraiser at the BLOCK off Biltmore from 5-10 pm. Proceeds will go to help build homes for people affected by the earthquake in Portoviejo, Ecuador, earlier this year.

Ecuador's sixth largest city and the capital of the Manabí province, Portoviejo was devastated by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake last April, which killed over 600 people and left over 20,000 injured. Members of the Undergrowth have joined forces to hold this charity auction, which will feature original items for sale by artists including Hit & Run Studios, Casey Arden Art, BAM's University of ART, Rook Akasha, Jacqueline Maloney Art, SPERO ART, Hedonik, Diane Siefart, and more. The event will also feature sets from Honey Bad, Murkury, and others.


The Undergrowth will be working in conjunction with the Hearts of Gold Foundation and an architectural and construction firm, Cardoso y Asociados, to assist in funding the construction of eight homes for residents of Portoviejo displaced by the earthquake. The houses will be seismic-resistant and sustainable. With their combined forces, they hope to raise over $100,000. 

If you'd like to contribute to the fundraiser, you can also donate here. If you're an artist or creator and would like to have your work included in the auction, you still have a little time to reach out to the Undergrowth: Check out the Facebook event page to see a full list of participants and links to their gorgeous work.