Kimberly McGrady. Photo: Niki Kordus
Local therapist Kimberly McGrady offers a new kind of counseling to area residents.

An exploration of Oneness and the meaning of Truth with local writer, healer, and teacher Devon Heart Star.

Art by Pablo Amaringo
The first piece from The Entheogen Chronicles presents Part I of a multi-part series on ayahuasca.

Valentine's Day with Sound & Harmony
This Valentine's Day, Go Yoga Asheville is hosting a special couple's event that pairs romance with yoga and aphrodisiacs.

Bee on Flower. Photo: Lilla Frerichs
The Grit's first Spirituality + Wellness post, from local writer, healer, and teacher Devon HeartStar, explores that moment when we step onto the path of embracing the true self.

My mother is a strong, lighthearted woman. She is often mischievous and likes to not take life too seriously. Although, she can worry about her children something fierce, she never dwells too long on the negative.