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  • Biltmore Lawn

    Q. What if the Biltmore hosted MomaPS2 (southern edition)?

    We continue to pose hypothetical proposals at our great city and this week look to the nation's largest home to house a southern version of MOMA's PS1 Design Competition. Wouldn't that front lawn look great with a temporary art/architecture installation?
  • A Mall Downtown?

    What if Asheville had Built a Mall Downtown?

    In 1980, citizens of Asheville had the vision to vote against a mall that would forever change the character of downtown. Let's take a minute to see what that would have looked like and what we would have lost.
  • asheville gate

    What if Asheville had an Official Gateway?

    We take a look at what Patton Avenue could look like if it were to have an official gateway entry to downtown Asheville.
  • Asheville Parklet

    What if 1% of Asheville’s street parking was transformed into Parklets?

    When is a parking space not a parking space? When it's a parklet! Cities everywhere have transformed the 9'x18' spots into mini parks; what if Asheville did the same?
  • Solar Roadways

    What if Asheville had Solar Roadways?

    This week we raise the topic of solar roadways for the city of Asheville. With all the potential benefits, could this be a sustainable urban project that boosts our economy?
  • What-if-Christo-came-to-Asheville

    Q: What if Christo came to Asheville?

    We begin a weekly exploration on the potential of Asheville ranging from practical to plain radical. Starting with the world famous installation artist Christo, we ask: What would happen if he could make his mark on Asheville?
  • Let's Celebrate National Architecture Week!

    Sunday, April 12 marked the first day of 2015's National Architecture Week. We've decided to celebrate by highlighting five architects whose work successfully answers the question: How do architects and architecture impact and improve our daily lives?
  • Vertical Asheville: A Tall Building Investigation

    With the eventual facelift of the BB&T building approaching we thought it might be worth an investigation to envision what more radical changes to the downtown skyline would look like.