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  • 5 Tips to Win in 2016

    5 Tips to Win in 2016

    2016 is YOUR year to achieve. Why? There is no other time than now. There is no other year than this year. There is no better moment or opportunity to change.
  • Art Making vs. Money Making

    If at times it seems there are no two pursuits more antithetical to one another than making money and making art, remember all struggle spurs growth, a vital tonic for creation.
  • Poet Coder

    What do poetry and computer programming have in common? No, this isn't the start to a schoolyard punchline.
  • Give Poetry A Chance

    Pick up a book of poems and try....try to find even one line that speaks to a tombed part of yourself.
  • Briar's Short Manifesto on Art

    "Art is the place where we give importance to our imagination and acknowledge it as a viable and underestimated source of governance."
  • Launching Orison Books

    And isn’t this, after all, the function of the best art—not to give us answers, but to provoke contemplation, to spur us to ask complex and important questions, and to help us learn to listen to one another?
  • Commit to Your Cosmic Destiny

    Do one little thing every day to infuse the bare room of your being with creation until a wild arena explodes in your sweet heart.
  • Shy Girl at the Party: Reflecting on the Launch of Asheville Grit

    Mostly, I'm not a shy person. I'm boisterous and full of life and well, loud. But certain social situations tug at the shy part of me.
  • Summers of Slurpees - A Short Story

    The wind across my skin cools me as I pedal faster on my huffy. I’m in a race against my friends to the turn at the back-alley where we park our bikes before counting our change.