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  • Charlotte protests. Photo: Aisha Adams

    Do Black Voices Matter in Asheville?

    Is Asheville stepping up for the #blacklivesmatter movement and the protests in Charlotte?
  • Gender Neutral Toilet Sign. Source: Wiki Commons

    Governor Pat McCrory Pisses On Equality With Bathroom Bill

    NC Governor Pat McCrory's opposition of gender neutral bathrooms is uninformed, transphobic, and flippant.
  • #MeatlessMonday >> Rhubarb

    A great place to people watch and enjoy a delicious meatless meal in the heart of downtown Asheville.
  • #MeatlessMondays >> at VeganFest 2015

    Nappy Natural Girl herself, Aisha Adams, decided to bring her family to the inaugural Asheville VeganFest on Sunday, August 16. She highlights just some of her favorite area businesses producing compassionate foods.
  • #MeatlessMonday >> Neo Burrito

    The food is good. I mean, it tastes good, but the ingredients themselves are good for you too. Neo Burrito only offers ingredients that are locally grown and/or organic. Another plus is the food is still very reasonably priced.
  • Water Seed to Play Free Show @ One Stop

    New Orleans born, neo-soul band Water Seed will be making an Asheville appearance at the One Stop for a free show this Thursday, July 30.
  • #MeatlessMonday >> Medea’s Espresso & Juice Bar

    Have you ever been to Medea’s in South Asheville? It is a cozy little cafe-style juice bar located off of Long Shoals Road. If not, you should definitively try incorporating it in your “Meatless Monday.” Medea’s is great for so many reasons.
  • Confederate Monuments Would Be Protected in North Carolina Under Proposed Law

    Efforts across the United States to remove public symbols of the Confederacy are happening all around us. Things are changing...right?
  • #MeatlessMonday >> Your neighborhood Ingles

    I wouldn’t have suggested “Meatless Monday” if snacks weren’t involved. I don’t know about you, but I am all about the snackage. I like grown people snacks though. Carrot sticks w/dressing or 12 grapes and apple slices don’t do anything for my hunger or attitude.
  • #MeatlessMonday >> Elements Real Food

    Have you heard of Elements Real Food on Liberty Avenue? They specialize in cold pressed juice, smoothies, superfood nut milks, raw vegan food and desserts. It is one of the freshest vegan spots in Asheville.
  • #MeatlessMonday >> Plant in Asheville

    Meatless Monday can be chic and ethical if you have reservations at Plant. Plant was recently named by PETA as one of the best vegan restaurants, and it has received similar accolades from Men’s Journal and Lusty Vegan...I literally jumped for joy when Plant invited my family out for dinner.
  • #MeatlessMonday >> Bean in South AVL

    Despite what you may think, anyone can participate in “Meatless Mondays.” You don’t have to sacrifice luxurious style, convenience, or eat alone. Join me over the next few Mondays as I share with you hottest “Meatless Monday” options in Asheville.
  • Dissecting The Charleston Massacre Media Frenzy

    In the wake of the devastating massacre that took place in Charleston, SC, I have a lot of questions. We all should. Who are Dylann Roof's friends? How many supporters does Dylann have at the Capital in South Carolina? Is the mainstream media making matters worse?
  • Ag-gag Bill Becomes Law

    From what I read, more than 70% of likely voters were opposed to ANY legislation that would prevent undercover investigations. Yet the General Assembly decided to take it upon themselves to override the people and the governor. I feel like we are in a parody of “House of Cards”.
  • Look Fabulous + Feel Liberated: Going Braless

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to go braless. Unfortunately, as a society we haven’t evolved to the stage where people don’t freak out. I can tell you some things to consider if you want to look fabulous and feel liberated in public without a bra.