An engaging and insightful documentary that sheds much needed light on one of America's greatest heroes.

Post-race flexin'
How a not so athletic broad ran a five miler.

Dog Park 10. Credit: trpnblies7. On Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/trpnblies7/6811773500/
A few more back and forths like this and I realize I’m the only White person who will join this Black couple—outsiders twice over—and that the larger group keeps their distance.

Falafel 5K
Musings while monitoring the Falafel 5K.

Odyssey School's free four-part session, "Teaching Kids about Racism and Racial Justice," aims to help parents and educators start conversations about diversity at an early age.

Charlotte protests. Photo: Aisha Adams
Is Asheville stepping up for the #blacklivesmatter movement and the protests in Charlotte?

Rasheeda Speaking
Rasheeda Speaking is a recently off-Broadway play that premieres at Asheville's BEBE Theatre tomorrow, September 1st. The play runs through the 17th and is a dark satire about "post-racial" America in the workplace.